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Who I Am-do Any Of Us Really Know?

Posted by , 24 July 2005 · 102 views

THIS WAS REALLY WRITTEN ON SATURDAY, BUT I DID NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO ENTER IT UNTIL TODAY. THIS IS BLOG NUMBER ONE. I absolutely have NO idea what I am doing. I am totally computer illiterate. I sold on eBay for several years and figured out the basics, but this is Greek to me. What I hope to do is write down the LOOOOONG path to my diagnosis. After all I am 63 and probably have both feet on two bannana peels. LOL. I really don't have many hobbies anymore as my lack of energy put most in limbo. I do love to read mysteries and I have a book in my hand several times a day. We moved the beginning of June to a townhome. We downsized from a larger home with many outside amenities that I no longer had the energy to use. I also wanted my husband of 42 years to be in a smaller place, in case my recovery was not too great. I am still getting us settled and am now down to the nitty gritty of finding room for the small items. Two great friends did most of the getting settled, even to hanging my photos on the walls. My hobbies used to be photography, traveling, crafts and some needlework. Photography was my favorite and our walls are covered with photos of places we have been. Someone asked my husband last year if he wished we would have saved more of our money instead of going the places we did. He looked at me and smiled and said NO, that if we had waited until now, we would never had been able to do all those things together. My days of travel are over, but we both have great memories. Since my brain is still wrapped in the cardboard box brain fog, I will misspell words, won't use paragraphs and be generally lucky to make any sense at all. Tomorrow I will start the health history and sometimes veer off in another direction all together. I hope you don't find this too too boring. Armetta

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