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Posted by , 29 July 2005 · 282 views

Health problems
Oh man I am not feeling good at all today. Thats what I hate about Celiac, that I dont know if whats wrong is the flu or cold or celiac. But its slowly been building up (the sickness) the last 4 days and today seems to be the worst. But thats not going to stop me from anything. If I get everyone else sick thats ok. But there is Centennial and class reunion in town starting today and I wont let a flu or whatever ruin it for me. For once, I have a chance to have some fun. Not many chances like that come around. Whatever is making me sick, it better not last! I am sweating yet my temperature is lower than normal. Tis strange! :blink:

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Num1, sounds like you are having a tough time. Why is your father so angry? Are you sticking with the diet? Are you a teenager? There are a couple of other teens on this board. I have a 16 y.o. son with celiac disease and I think it's hardest for him to stay on the diet because all of his friends are always eating pizza and stuff.
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