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Patience, Patience.........

Posted by , 31 July 2008 · 243 views

Mine is wearing thin. I still don't have test results from the stool samples, and don't expect biopsy results until early next week sometime. It's been really hard to sit around and NOT dwell on the possibilities.
And if those come back negative, what next?
I still need to address having the rest of the Celiac Panel done (they only tested for tTG IgA), but other than that, and asking about some of the 'high' reports on my CBC, I'm not sure what the next steps are.

I just know I'm not feeling any better.
Gas, cramping/abdominal pain, and bloating have been present every day since the scope, in varying degrees.
Night sweats have been prevalant this week - actually had to get up and change my night clothes twice this week.

I tell ya, I'm ready to call it quits on the testing and just go gluten-free again. And I haven't even been through that much compared to some here. I don't feel like I can give up on the testing just yet though. I'd like to have vitamin deficiency and/or allergy testing done if I can get the doc to do it. I guess I'm just tired of waiting, and not knowing.
I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere with this stuff.

Sorry for the pity party.........I'm just tired and frustrated.


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