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Day Six

Posted by , 29 June 2009 · 178 views

Iím not going to lie. I feel like crap today. Iíve made it to work but Iím dragging, really, really dragging. Iíve only been here seven minutes and have already made three trips to the bathroom.

My day started with a clueless barista at Starbucks not quite getting my polite request to rinse the spoon with water before using it on my soy drink. She didnít get that the spoon is soaking in diluted milk and that I am crazy allergic to milk. I think Iím done with coffee shops. Too bad, I quite like coffee shops.

So the bossís party went off with barely a hitch. I determined to stay free of the foods I was allergic to, and luckily was able to have the cedar smoked salmon. I had three servings to go along with the raw veggies. My only true temptation through the night was the Indian sweets. I drank wineÖ.a bunch of wine. I donít think Iíll be repeating that. Not a big wine fan, and certainly not a fan of the tipsy one gets from it. I miss my beer.

Last night we had friends over for a BBQ. Everyone had great foodÖI had a chunk of turkey and corn. I tried drinking vodka and mixer, but it didnít work for me. I guess Iím going to stop drinking. If I canít have my beer I think Iíll pass.

My favorite part of yesterday was going to search out gluten-free foods at Costco. I managed a few which is great. I also discovered that lactose is hiding in almost every antihistamine. So, I have been perfect with my diet, and accidentally taking in dairy each morning when I take my antihistamine. Fortunately, I found one without lactose. I took it for the first time this morning, so maybe itís why Iím dragging so badly today.

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