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Finally Back Off Of Gluten...and Starting The Master Cleanse

Posted by , 13 July 2009 · 135 views

I had a heck of a time getting prepared for my bloodwork. I had daily issues that kept me running back to the washroom all day and half the night. Fortunately, Im now able to go back on my anti-allergy diet. Today is day one again.but Ive decided to do a cleanse.

Cleanses are soooo not me. Not in the least. I may have mentioned before though that I am very fortunate to have many supportive and knowledgeable coworkers. Many of the healthier ones fast/cleanse every four to six months. I have only done this once, when I was about eighteen, and it lasted maybe a day, two at the most.

A close friends partner is a strong advocate for the Master Cleanse. My friend agreed to go on it with me, but he cant start until tomorrow. I started todayor last night if you want to get technical. I had my last beers, calamari and sushi, knowing that I would probably never get to see two of those three again.

So far Im at lunch time and the cleanse has been a non-issue. Im still paying for the foods I ate over the weekend, so frequent washroom trips are not unexpected. Im not looking forward to tomorrow and day three, but from what I hear, after that will be no problem.

On an up note, I made a fabulous wheat/gluten/dairy/egg-free banana bread and it was surprisingly good. I cant cook or bake, so it was pretty cool that it kinda turned out. I just used a real banana bread recipe as a guide and made substitutions for everything I couldnt have. Once I perfect it, Ill share the recipe.

Hmmmmnow its lunch time and I dont need to spend any time eating. Hmmm. What to do? What to do?

Maybe I'll go home and see if my lab results are in yet.

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