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From: Celiac Diagnosed Just Today!

Posted by , in newly diagnosed 03 June 2011 · 297 views

shopping food
Shopping can be overwhelming so I always tell new celiacs to shop the outside of the store and stick to simple foods. Label-reading will take a little practice and research. It's easy to tell that a banana or a potato is gluten-free. I detour around the bakery section. I feel like an invisible cloud of gluten is hovering in the air. :P

I mostly live on fruit and veggies (fresh or frozen without sauces), potatoes, rice, beans, meat, nuts, and eggs to cook. I often grab some rice cakes, Missino corn tortillas, or plain corn chips. I'd suggest you skip the milk for now, as many new celiacs are lactose intolerant or have other digestive issues with dairy. If you find you can tolerate it, cheese is a great snack.

The ugly is that it's hard to find safe convenience foods, gluten-free specialty foods are horribly overpriced, and it's difficult to eat out. Gluten lurks in unexpected places and I've gotten sick at restaurants. I cook almost all my own food. The more I stick to whole, unprocessed foods that I know are 100% gluten-free, the better I feel.

In the kitchen I got a new cutting board for gluten-free food. I also got rid of my seasoned wok, as it had gluten-containing soy sauce in the seasoning. I got a new toaster and treated myself to a rice cooker too.

Best of luck to you!

Source: Celiac Diagnosed Just Today!

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