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Waiting For Nov1 Blood Test!...back On Wheat!

Posted by , 18 October 2011 · 122 views

I was off gluten for 6 days and have an appointment for a colonoscopy Nov 3rd and plan to take the Blood test on Nov 1 (can take it anytime before Jan 4, but why wait?) so I have two weeks that I have to go back on wheat products (and feel crappy, and sleepy and horrible!!!)before the tests.

I do however, plan to go off wheat enjoying some of my favorites. I finished my ovaltine this AM and had Lasagna for Lunch!!! very sleepy, foggy headded and paying for it otherwise though!...Oh well tasted great!!!

I am a bit worried about going gluten free, only because I really don't like cooking very much and to cook EVERY meal instead of just going to 7-11 or some other place...I have to come up with some sort of plan.

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Just to let you know, colonoscopy does not test for Celiac. You need an endoscopy with at least 6 biopsies.
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Yes, she is trying to rule out cancer, I had a celiac blood test today and I am sure that will come back positive.
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My GP had the blood test done and it came back positive. I was sent to a surgeon, and before he would do the endoscopy he did a colonoscopy to rule out cancer, colitis, etc. There was a couple of months between the two tests so I kept my gluten intake quite high during that time.... enjoyed bagels, pasta, etc. Thankfully I had attended a meeting with a local celiac support group (after my blood test showed high levels of the antibody), and had lots of good advise during the journey to diagnosis. Still healing and looking forward the attending a 'Panic Session', put on by the Edmonton Celiac Assn. with my camera to document all the food items with/without gluten.
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