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    What's The Dishes That You Miss Due To Being On A Gluten-Free Diet? And I'll Cook It!

    Entry posted - 141 views

    Hi guys,

    I'm a chef that cooks gluten-free dishes from starters to desserts.

    I'm not celiac myself but wanted to ask a question.

    "What are the dishes that you miss because of being a celiac or on gluten-free diet? It can be anything!"

    I ask this because I love cooking gluten-free: sticky toffee puddings, ravilois, fresh breads, bread and butter puddings, fresh pastas and so on.

    I would love your feedback instead of me guessing what to cook.

    Thank you,


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    chicken and a biscuit

    and garlic bread

    bread pudding ;)

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    [b]Nice choice Tabz! My bread and butter contains Baileys, really cream and full of goodness, well sort of!

    And yes I've made garlic bread too. It's lovely with smoked cheddar baked on top. You must try it!

    Soon I'll start to bring out my own unique recipe book solely for the gluten-free diet; until then I'll post pictures and recipes straight on my blog "celiacchef blog".

    Thank you for your response,


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