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Helppp How Much Gluten To Eat Before A Blood Test?

Entry posted by Mary07 · - 407 views

I am so stressed from all of this confusing information I am getting. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I was getting very sick. She asked me questions and said to try a gluten free diet for 2 weeks. I did and felt amazing. I never knew how normal felt until I stopped eating gluten. I must have been having stomach aches my whole life. Anyways I called her after the 2 weeks and asked her what to do now. She said to get a test called gluten sensitivity evaluation blood test and to get an accurate test I need to eat the equivalence of 4-6 pieces of bread a day for 4 weeks. Is this true? I was only off of it for 2 weeks! and what does that even mean? Just eat 4 pieces of bread a day? Any suggestions?

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Why don't you post this question in the Forum under "Pre-diagnosis & Testing"? You are more likely to get answers there.

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Do not eat any more than 4 slices a day or u may end up in a world of pain. When i realised i may never eat a carbonara again i pigged out on gluten for the 2 weeks chinese, french etc etc - dull move!!

I was not given a guideline amount. Got in a dreadfull mess gluten fries my brain effects my vision and gives me muscle spasms, more of a learning circle than a curve!! Hope u didnt overcook it.

Happy hunting.

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