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Losing Weight

Entry posted by David2055 · - 1,012 views

I was daignosed with celiac in January, I was Weighing 210 pounds, I went on a gluten free diet. I have now lost 40 pounds and am still losing weight. I now look sick and skinny. Im getting frustrated. Does anyone have any answers as to why I wasn't losing weight prior to going on a gluten free diet, and now I'm in a weightloss freefall?



The best way to get answers to your questions is by posting in the Forum. Maybe a topic under the weight issues section?

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Gluten really can mess up a lot of things throughout your body! I would visit your local vitimin, health store (whole foods or maybe vitimin cottege) talk to a nutrionist! They are always very helpful for me! If that doesn't work, get blood work done! It may be another symptom related to the Celiac. Sometimes, the Celiac Disease can cause more problems before you even you know have it! Good Luck!

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