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New To Gluten Free Diet Please Help

Entry posted by Nonna2 · - 768 views


Since my blood test was inconclusive and I am due to have an endoscopy in July I am told it may be negative too since I have been gluten free for a month. I feel better since stopping the gluten but I went out for dinner for the first time on Friday and order skirt steak and a baked potato. I told the server to just grill the steak no sauce as it did come with one. When I started to eat it there was some sort of seasoning because it did not need salt. Needless to say my stomach acted up for the next two days. Could they have maybe marintated this steak before hand with something containing gluten? Very confused thought I was being careful.



I have been in the same situation. Seasonings may contain gluten so you must be careful of what you use at home and it is fine to ask the restaurant for the list of ingredients that are in the seasonings they use. Good luck.

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Many places marinate steak in SOY SAUCE. Very few soy sauces do not have gluten. You have to be very careful about marinated meats. Even raw chicken you buy in the store and lunchmeat chicken is often injected with broth. I eat steaks only at Italian places or other places that marinate only in olive oil and salt and pepper. You also have to ensure that they use clean utensils cooking your food. If they use the same tongs to flip a soy sauced steak, and then flip yours, you will get cc (cross-contamination). I've written all about this stuff since 2006 in my blogs. I even have written exactly what I tell servers.

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