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Day Six

Entry posted by Porcelina · - 744 views

Starting to get slight stomach cramps after meals now. As of this moment, my stomach is making gurgling noises even though dinner was gluten free. I'm feeling slightly bloated and gassy now and I've actually gained 5 lbs in the 6 days of starting this, and yet I'm not eating my full days caloric needs (I eat around 1800 a day).

I've also had a niggling of a headache all day. Not enough to require and Advil, but enough as a gentle reminder that something's not quite right. I'm still slightly fatigued throughout the day, but not enough to make me feel horrible.

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Ugh I know exactly how you feel. Try not to worry too much about the weight gain (easier said than done). It will fall off again once you are done with the challenge. 


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And gluten does not respect calorie counting - just so you know! ;P

I know. Its not fair, is it!?


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