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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for responding. Quick update that may help others...I've been taking holy basil supplements and getting regular acupuncture. It's helped quite a bit actually. I'm still anxious but at least this has helped some of my scary symptoms...such as chest pain/tight lungs
  2. Hi guys, I went to urgent care today due to terrible pains in my chest. My lungs feel tight and it's hard to breathe. The doc said I was fine and even did an EKG. She said it was probably anxiety and prescribed me someone form of anti-anxiety medicine. (She didn't believe I was Celiac which was frustrating...rant). I didn't pick up the prescription yet, and forgot the name at that, but I highly doubt she even checked if it has gluten or not. If I do take it I'll certainly have to do my research. People just don't get it! Now I'm at home. It still hurts. I'm nervous but know anxiety can accompany Celiac. Has anyone else had this issue? What do you do/take? Advice? My life is stressful yes...but I feel like my level of anxiety (if that's what it is) is unnecessary. I'm in Colorado and admit to using marijuana drops just to calm myself down a bit even that hasn't been doing the trick these days. Thanks for listening. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight.
  3. I'm in the same boat! If you figure out what to do let me know ha ha!
  4. I'm sure there is something on here about this but I am too stressed to even search. Just today my feet, hands, arms, part of my face, and lower back are tingling and fingers ache!!! What the heck is going on and what do I do?! I'm worried I was glutened yesterday. Is this a symptom? Never had it happen all these years. Feeling scared😭
  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help so much! Has anyone here heard of Dr Axe? If not google him! I started incorporating some of his advice the last couple of days and really feel like it's helping! Fingers crossed. XO
  6. Ha ha ha! I said "It doesn't matter to you"! Grrrrr. Then he proceeded to send me hat, dog, bow tie, shoes. Apparently this is the new way to communicate when you are in your thirties. Good grief! Lol
  7. For those of you who may even look at this...the ex bf contacted me over the weekend...Hinted at wanting to get back together...then proceeded to ask if my food allergies are gone yet. GOOD GRIEF. Ummm bye bye mr!
  8. I'm dealing with the same thing...I'm weaning myself off of coffee. I found a "coffee replacement" which is made from cocoa beans. It's called Crio bru. You can get it online or in the coffee isle at health food stores. I do half coffee/half Crio. Next week I'll do less coffee/more Crio until I'm all the way off of caffeine. Hope this helps! It feels like real coffee to me which helps!
  9. So I'm beyond confused/frustrated/sad. I've worked with a naturopathic doc, two acupuncturists, and an herbalist/psycotherapist. Though they have tried to help, they have only made things worse. Heck the psycotherapist said I feel ill because of my great great grandmother who passed down her stressful life experiences to me through the I of course follow a gluten free diet ALWAYS as I do have Celiac. I've tried Gaps diet, Paleo diet, aip diet, and the list goes on. I've even tried an Indian Kitchari cleanse. I've had blood work done too. Apparently everything is normal according to my md. Everything I eat makes me feel sick and gain weight. Anxiety and depression are constant struggles and my food is not digesting properly. My only conclusion is leaky gut maybe? I'm trying so hard but don't know what to do anymore. I'm in Colorado folks...I'm even considering medical marijuana. So tired of swelling up like a darn ballon! What do you folks eat? What should I stay away from? How am I going to handle this for the rest of my life?! Grrr I read the other day that if a Celiac is exposed to gluten a mere 12 times per year their chance of early death increases by 600%. I'm terrified. Can this be true??? Thanks for reading my rant/call for help. Any advice is appreciated xo
  10. Etbtbfs - Thank you for the advice! I think I'm going to have my thyroid checked again. The last time I was at the doctor I requested it to be checked...but it's looking like they didn't do a full thyroid panel. 😑 Manasota- Thank you as well! You are right it's probably the best test ha ha!😊
  11. Has anyone else struggled with SIBO? (Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) From what I have read it often accompanies Celiac. My MD put me on a very strong antibiotic...said it was the only thing that would cure it. Well it didn't. I started going to a naturopathic Doctor instead and he proved to be of no help either. Apparently he doesn't believe in Celiac and was giving me supplements that could have contained wheat😑It's all in our heads guys...ha ha needless to say I stopped going there. So now I am back to square one. I really can't afford to keep visiting different doctors...all of which claim they can "fix" me. I have a pretty good idea of foods to eat and avoid, but am confused of what kind of natural supplements will eliminate SIBO. Any advice is appreciated! 😊
  12. Thank you ckd0822! sometimes it helps to know there is hope ha ha! Your guy sure sounds like a keeper!
  13. Thanks shell156 You are right...I guess it is a good judge of character right off the bat! So far I guess I am attracting the wrong type of person ha ha. I just don't like feeling so limited. The last few times I've gone out to eat I've gotten quite it makes me stressed 😑 My doctor did do a genetic test...she waned me to eat gluten everyday for a few weeks before my colonoscopy and just like you it would probably kill me! I'm very allergic to stop breathing and I have an epi pen type of allergy. So we did the genetic blood work and I was diagnosed on that....which sometimes I question. I don't know
  14. Thank you cyclinglady I guess I have never heard of follow up testing...I've been gluten free for several years but got my official Celiac diagnosis earlier this year. I'm not really sure how I would be getting glutened...but it sure feels like I am. Nothing showed up on my colonoscopy/endoscopy...but then again I haven't eaten gluten in so long it wouldn't show up. My doctor did genetic testing and concluded I did indeed have Celiac and that's about it. Since then I have been on my own. I've seen a few naturopathic doctors and have wasted a lot of money... Active dates are always nice...but usually end up involving food...I'm pursuing a career in the fitness industry so perhaps I'll begin to meet people who are ok with eating a health conscious diet!
  15. I'm beginning to wonder how is a gal supposed to date people when she can't eat anything? I not only have Celiac, but am not able to eat soy or dairy either. It's embarrassing, I seem like a picky eater, and my order usually comes back wrong....I'm talking salad covered in croutons wrong. I'm in my late 20s and feel like my life is being taken over. I can't eat anywhere and am always too tired to do anything. Anxiety is going through the roof. Nightmare. I know there are a lot of people out there who have wonderful spouses that have their back...but most likely you were diagnosed after getting married. Am I right? I was told tonight by an acquaintance that I must be a real pain to go out with...I guess it got to me. I usually try to stay strong, but I'm just done. I'm tired. Ugh