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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Gluten Free Isn't All

    Started by Claire,

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    Those who are having problems/issues regarding recovery may benefit from reading the article posted here.

    Altered Immunity & The Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Reading the posts I can tell that many are looking at gluten as the ONLY problem. That probably is not the case. Once celiac disease has done some damage you are set up for reactions to multiple foods - as the intestinal lining is damaged and uninvited, unwelcome 'stuff' goes into the bloodstream where it is not only unwelcome but triggers allergy reactions that may be different than your response to gluten or may be almost exactly the same.

    Identification of these reactive foods is essential. Once the intestinal lining is healed you will probably be okay with these foods - but not the gluten.

    L-Gluatamine is generally considered the very best therapy for the damaged intestine - this of course in the presense of a diet that is free of reactive foods. Claire :)


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