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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Help With Endo Results

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My 7yo had her endoscopy yesterday and the doc mentioned seeing "possible some mild blunting of the duodenum", but her biopsies came back negative today.

She had a weak positive TTG-IgA, low iron and low Vit D.


We are still planning on a long trial of gluten-free to see if her symptoms improve...but it is frustrating not having a definitive answer!


Can anyone theorize about the "damage" being caused by someone else?  The GI still won't say it is Celiac, but she 'may" have gluten intolerance and to go ahead and try diet.





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Did your daughter have a complete celiac antibody panel or just the tTG?

Do you have a copy of the pathology report from the procedure? The early stages of celiac have cellular changes that are sometimes noted in the report, but are not conclusive for diagnosis.

How many samples were taken? Many doctors do not take enough as damage can be spotty and can not be seen by the doctor except in the most advanced cases.

It is time to remove ALL gluten for at least three months - if her symptoms improve request a retest of both Celiac Panel and nutrients. If symptoms and serology improve perhaps the doctor will review diagnosis.

I do think that a positive antibody test, low nutrient levels and the doctor's observation of possible minor blunting are reason enough to not completely dismiss Celiac Disease.

For now make sure you have written or electronic copies of all blood work along with both the procedural and pathology reports for the endo.

Hang in there :)


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