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Kid Friendly Restaurants In New York City

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We are going to NYC with our kids (age 6 and 4) on Easter Weekend. Any recommendation for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, sandwich places? We want to keep it casual and not to expensive. Picnic-y stuff would even be fine for lunches and casual restaurants for dinner.


Just to give you an idea of areas that we'll be in, we're going to try to do the High Line, Easter parade on 5th Avenue, Times Square. Other than that we haven't decided...I'm sure Central Park will factor in there too. Also, I'm willing to plan our sight-seeing  around restaurant locations :)


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If you're going to be in Times Square, Nizza in 9th ave(?) has a lot of gluten-free options. Also Five Napkin Burger (dedicated fryer for the french fries!). A little further up (50th?) for a very casual quick serve lunch, is Little Beet Cafe is entirely gluten-free.

There's an all gluten-free Crumbs cupcake shop on 8th. Risotteria in the village is a great option, but may be tough with kids.

Have fun, and welcome.


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I've been disappointed with Nizza in recent visits. You should try S'Mac at 157 East 33rd Street between Lexington and 3rd avenues. It is gluten-free mac and cheese with dairy-free options too. After S'Mac, you can get dessert at Pip's Gluten-Free Bakery on 39th Street. If you are looking for more sandwich-type meals, try Bloom's Deli or Friedman's Lunch.


Have a great time. NYC is a very gluten-free friendly city. 


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    • I have not taken him to a dermatologist. I have dapsone, which I put on the rash, it always clears up. I have it for another family member. But then I started reading about celiac and all these dots are out there but not connected.  The next time he has the bumps, I am going to take him in. In the mean time, I am trying to find a dermatologist who understands the condition. I don't want my kid to have celiac. And I kinda feel crazy for thinking he may have a gluten issue but with it in my family and him having these other things, I want to be dilligent.   i will read up on the test you suggested. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond everyone.   
    • I tested positive to deamidated gliadin in August at a hospital. My old GI tested me using gliadin (the test listed on your result) in September and it was negative. Literally the next day, my new GI tested for deamidated gliadin again and it was positive (I was unaware the hospital scheduled an appointment with the new GI for follow up).  If you still suspect it, Google deamidated gliadin, print out the Mayo clinic lab info and circle the part where it says they have discontinued the use of gliadin in favor of the deamidated gliadin.  Has he seen a dermatologist?
    • He has a rash on his fingers from time to time. Angular Chetelis. Mouth sores. So skinny. Anxious. 
    • The blood test results are negative (and he had the complete panel).  No GI issues (per your posting).  What makes you suspect celiac disease?  
    • Hi WS, So sorry to hear your not feeling quite right just yet. I can relate! I believe in doing whatever is needed for you to be able to come to terms with the diagnosis, which it sounds like was given to you already but if you still need further evidence then do whatever is needed!  In regards to food, I am a pescatarian so I also don't eat meat but I get my protein from some seafood, eggs, beans, natural protein replacements, exct...I was vegetarian and found it extremely difficult on the gluten-free diet for my lifestyle. I found probiotics have really helped me but even now I still feel off days with my digestion and I think that just comes with having a digestive disease. I know what foods trigger it (Yes gluten-free foods!) and try to stay away. I remember the first month or so I was very sick from removing gluten, almost like withdrawal symptoms. Probably because I ate a lot of it prior so it was a shock. 3 1/2 years later, I still feel weak and light headed if I don't eat enough carbs/protein. Celiacs are known to have deficiencies already so your nutrition intake/supplements are super important! I hope your able to find peace with your health and get the answers your looking for! Let us know an update -Cristina  IG: ifitceliac
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