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Definitely Casein Intolerant....

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Okay, since I have been sugar/dairy/caffeine free, my symptoms have diminished, except for the diarrhea, but with the Immodium, that at least has slowed somewhat.....

Today, I munched a bit on some Doritos Ranch Flavour - deliberately, it has sodium caseinate and milk ingredients in it.... Sure enough, 1/2 hour after eating some, the old burning, pain, gas came back...... I definitely think it is casein now..... the only other possibility is lactose, but I am leaning toward casein....



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Buy some Lactid Milk, or whatever it's called. Hrrmm.. you can buy it at stores, and it's basically Milk, but they remove the lactose or something. Have a nice big glass, and if later you feel like dying.. then it is the casein!

Err.. some bad humor in that. But I reacted exactly the same to that stuff, if it had been a normal glass of milk. That was before I knew something called casein existed, lol.

But if there were milk ingredients.. could have been some lactose too? In my non-expert opinion, I'd say get the enterolab milk testing, try Lactid, or just aviod all milk products forever.

If you think it's the casein though, and don't feel like any more testing, then go with avioding milk products. I don't know of anyway of getting around a casein intolerance.

Hope this helped! =)


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I had a totallyGf dinner last night and still had an upset stomach. I noticed though, that there were several dairy products. I think I will try a lactose free diet for a while and see what happens.


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Hey Rian: You can determine whether you have problems with lactose (milk sugar) or other dairy ingredients (like casein, milk protein, or whey) by using 'lactaid' supplements (chewable tablets) when you consume dairy or drinking 'lactaid' or 'Dairyease' milk. If you STILL have problems even after using lactaid, you're probably sensitive to other dairy ingredients and will have to avoid all dairy to prevent uncomfortable symptoms. :o



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    • Research with KP and find a celiac-savvy GI in your area ( read the biographies). and ask your PCP/GP for a referral to that specific GI (not his buddy).  Ask the GI for the rest  of the celiac panel or proceed with an endoscopy/biopsies -- 4 to six.  Keep eating gluten daily until all testing is complete.  Document and request in writing.  Do not worry about symptoms.  There are over 300 of them and some celiacs have none!   Research all that you can about celiac disease.  The University of Chicago has a great celiac website that has testing Information etc.   Poet me know how it works out.  Hope you feel better soon!  
    • I react to both wheat and barley.  I've opted to just go completely gluten free, for the sake of simplicity and my sanity.  I don't have a diagnosis of celiac disease, but I strongly suspect it.  Unfortunately, I'm not willing to endure the misery of staying on gluten long enough to pursue further testing.  I just know I need to avoid the gluten grains, so I do.  
    • I think that we have to remember that celiacs often develop intolerances due to our  damaged guts.  Our guts do not ncessarily heal either (usually adults) for  a variety of reasons even if their symptoms improve (see links below).   Nuts are just plain hard to digest.   I can not tolerate almonds, but can handle walnuts and cashews in small amounts.  I can eat peanuts too, but resort to Peanutbutter after a Glutening as it is easier to digest (maybe I have to learn to chew better!  😀)  My nut symptoms have  nothing to do with gluten as I have purchased certified gluten-free nuts and suffered with the same symptoms.  . i call the manufacturer when I suspect the manufacturer is sharing the line or if I just want to know.  I bought some Black English walnuts and called the company.  Those are the only nuts they process and they do not have any flavored nuts.   if you really want to test your theory out, buy some nuts from (certified gluten-free).   See if you get a reaction or ask your GI to retest your antibodies (which should be done annually anyway).   I just hate to have Planters get a bum rap when you do not really know for sure.......😥    
    • New to forum! Appreciate all of the information.  I have Kaiser as many of you do.  My ttg is 1.18 (Kaiser <90), iga 31 (Kaiser <90). I have emailed my pcp in regards to where we go from here.  Is this a positive result or just a little above normal like Kaiser will tell me? I have had conflicting symptoms of some sort of inflammatory problem for 9 years.  I am almost convinced that this might be my answer. Can anyone give insight?
    • I eat them with no issues and know several other Celiacs that eat them with no issue.
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