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Definitely Casein Intolerant....

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Okay, since I have been sugar/dairy/caffeine free, my symptoms have diminished, except for the diarrhea, but with the Immodium, that at least has slowed somewhat.....

Today, I munched a bit on some Doritos Ranch Flavour - deliberately, it has sodium caseinate and milk ingredients in it.... Sure enough, 1/2 hour after eating some, the old burning, pain, gas came back...... I definitely think it is casein now..... the only other possibility is lactose, but I am leaning toward casein....



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Buy some Lactid Milk, or whatever it's called. Hrrmm.. you can buy it at stores, and it's basically Milk, but they remove the lactose or something. Have a nice big glass, and if later you feel like dying.. then it is the casein!

Err.. some bad humor in that. But I reacted exactly the same to that stuff, if it had been a normal glass of milk. That was before I knew something called casein existed, lol.

But if there were milk ingredients.. could have been some lactose too? In my non-expert opinion, I'd say get the enterolab milk testing, try Lactid, or just aviod all milk products forever.

If you think it's the casein though, and don't feel like any more testing, then go with avioding milk products. I don't know of anyway of getting around a casein intolerance.

Hope this helped! =)


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I had a totallyGf dinner last night and still had an upset stomach. I noticed though, that there were several dairy products. I think I will try a lactose free diet for a while and see what happens.


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Hey Rian: You can determine whether you have problems with lactose (milk sugar) or other dairy ingredients (like casein, milk protein, or whey) by using 'lactaid' supplements (chewable tablets) when you consume dairy or drinking 'lactaid' or 'Dairyease' milk. If you STILL have problems even after using lactaid, you're probably sensitive to other dairy ingredients and will have to avoid all dairy to prevent uncomfortable symptoms. :o



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    • Previous studies have indicated an increase in celiac disease rates in the United States, but these studies have been done on narrow populations, and did not produce results that are nationally representative. View the full article
    • No worries!!! 

      Yes I've been completely gluten free for over a year now, except when I get glutened from restaurants etc. My 'traces symptoms' have always been major bloating and lots of bathroom breaks but now during my gluten challenge so far I've had some super crazy symptoms... varying from loose stools to severe constipation, bloating 24/7, shortness of breath, rash, joint pains, mood swings, brain fog, headaches and some sharp pains similar to brain freeze but worse... the list goes on, but I'm determined to have a definite result! 
    • Ennis_TX - Your post rings true with me. I was only diagnosed in May, but from May through.... basically two weeks ago, I was out of my mind. I completely understand when you describe it. I had zero self control. I retired from the Army after 21 years and had always had pride in myself that I could handle just about anything thrown my way. That was until this disease. I found myself sobbing uncontrollably, not getting out of bed till late afternoon, hiding in the bedroom from my own family, missing work, not being able to make simple decisions, I was getting at most, 3 hours of sleep a night. I would sit up in bed and literally scream out loud in frustration. I asked my wife several times to bring me to the VA Psyc. ward (which she talked me out of). I had no pleasure or happiness in my life even though I have a very supportive wife of 32 years, and two ideal kids with three grandkids. I had NO reason to feel the way I did, but yet, there I was. And like you mentioned, I too had a "Bucket List" per say.  To top it all off, I had this horrible muscle pain in my legs and arms. Joints a little, but the muscles were in constant pain. One month ago they diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. At this point I am not willing to accept that diagnosis.  They started me on Gabapentin and these last two weeks I have actually started feeling less pain in the muscles and my mind is bouncing back too. Although the muscle pain came back a bit Sunday, and has me a little concerned. I keep telling myself it has only been 4 months gluten-free, and that it will take time. But I have to admit, I do not have much patience and I want to start feeling better now.   I ran into an old Army friend a few weeks back, and he had been diagnosed in 2009. He told me everything he went through and other than diarrhea and an inflamed throat, his biggest symptoms were depression/anxiety and brain fog. He said his wife was so worried she sold all of his guns. He would sometimes find himself in the backyard just curled up in the grass wondering when it would end for him. Absolute craziness. When I shared the issues I was having he could relate 100%. He said he hasn't met anyone else that went through the same things as him and it was therapeutic for us both. He told me of some places that were Celiac friendly, and we agreed to let each other know when something new hits the market, or any other good news via text. Back in May I searched for a celiac support group near by, but no luck. I stumbled on this forum and it has helped me tremendously. Stories like yours helped to insure me I was not losing my mind. Which, I might add, I told many VA & civilian Psychiatrists that indeed I was. Thanks for your post, and I hope nothing but the best for you, here forward. Dharwood
    • It is enough for the endoscopy, but not for the blood panel.  It could be worth trying for the blood test, but there is a greater chance of it being negative.  I assume you have been gluten-free for a while.  I admire that you were able to do the gluten challenge!  (I guess I should have pulled up your previous posts, but I was busy getting my kid to school.)
    • The doctor suspected celiac specifically, and he said 3-4 weeks would be enough... I understand that there are multiple recommendations varying from 3 weeks to 3 months but from what I've read I think 4 weeks will most probably not be enough for a positive result in the case that I am celiac. 
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