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Gluten Free For Over 3 Months, Feeling Great!

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Hi everyone! Been away from this board for awhile. I retired and this summer has been busy with famliy, reunions, birthdays, barbecues, and our county fair with the granddaughter showing her horse! (blue ribbons!!!)

I'm happy to report that after being gluten free for over 3 months, I am feeling great! I have gained a few pounds I didn't need, by discovering I can eat ice cream and chocolate! Oh well, I hope to take it off again! :rolleyes:

You all said it would get easier to do this diet, and I want to say how right you were! I was so angry, at first, that I would never have another pizza, cheeseburger, Krispy Kreme, or birthday cake ever again. But, I got over that! Amazingly to me, I now don't miss those things! The diet just becomes a part of your life! Thank you to all who helped me get going on the right track!

I do have a question. Does anyone know if I get cross contamination, will the villi not heal, or not as fast? I seem not to be bothered by small amounts of contamination. I'm not too careful about this, when eating out. I don't eat anything, that I know of, with gluten in it. But, I don't have any symptoms, now that I've cut the obvious out. Once in awhile, I still get a sore on my elbow, like the ones I feel were DH, that I had for awhile last winter. I'm not sick ever, though, thankfully! But, I'm hoping I will still heal, with these possible contaminations, even if a bit more slowly. I don't go for another Upper GI until Feb. or after.

I have also since been diagnosed with Osteoporsis. Darn, I think I'm too young for this!!! And I itched severely when trying to take the med for it. So, I'm hoping that as the villi heal, I will be able to absorb all that calcium I'm taking! I have taken it for years, but not absorbing it, obviously. I did learn one thing frpm the Dietician, was to take my vitamins throughout the day, so as to help with absorption.

Thanks again everyone, for the great advice and support! :)


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Yes cross contamination is a HUGE issue, you will not heal because you are still getting sources of gluten. You think having osteoperosis at your age is young, I have it and I am 14 and was diagnosed at the age 0f 12.


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Contamination sensitivity as far as symptoms goes, varies from one Celiac to the next. I know of no comprehensive studies to indicate the effects of villi when consuming small amounts of gluten.

The general consensus seems to be that other than microscopic amounts, even a little gluten is harmful to the villi. Even though you do not get any symptoms, it is probably in your own long term best interests to be as careful and diligent as you can.


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    • I already did. Thats how i found the place. Its amazing to actually go to a restraunt again.
    • This is EXACTLY what happens to me. It has twice now and both times was after both glutening episodes but once it was the day after and the other time it was a week and a half. So I'm still not sure if it's related or strange bug bites...

      Did they stop happening when she stopped being glutened? Did you decide they were definitely related? I'm really confused by this and would love to know whether to insecticide my house or....
    • Thankyou both! I was wondering if my high levels left much doubt on the diagnosis. I don't see the GI until the 15th Sep and I don't think I can stand to eat gluten in that time. If he tells me to I will do so after then. After 25 years of symptoms I don't think there is much chance of healing my bowel In a couple of weeks. I'm actually terrified of the damage they might find. But I think I will need the endo since there may be other things going on with me. So great they didn't put your son through the biopsy! Once I have a formal diagnosis I have my kids to worry about also. I can't even stand the thought of my daughter having a blood test. I think she would need to be sedated as she is so fearful and pain sensitive. My son is not yet 2 so I don't think they will test him. I'm feeling so off at the moment. I think I have some anxiety and reflux going on complicating things quite a bit.
    • My son's antibodies were 300. Based on his extremely high levels, his pediatric GI suggested genetic testing instead of the biopsy. Genetic testing can't diagnose celiac on its own but combined with such high levels, the gi dr was confident a positive genetic test would confidently diagnose celiac. He warned that biopsies are small snapshots of the intestine and can miss damage. He said this is an approach used very often in Europe but not as much in the US. What sold me on that approach was the ability to put my son directly on a gluten free diet instead of waiting three weeks for the biopsy, during which time he would continue to eat gluten and feel terrible. I'm not sure if this is more common with younger patients though (our son is two), based on the idea that he's had less time to inflict damage that would show in a biopsy? We are very happy that we immediately started the gluten free diet and chose the genetic testing. Our son got the proper diagnosis and his recent number shows a drop to 71 after only 4.5 months gluten free! Not sure if this helps. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
    • We have been off gluten for a while now, and symptoms return when I've allowed gluten full meals… so something still isn't sitting right with me.  Checking with her doc about seeing a pediactric GI although I'm not sure how long that will take since we live in small town America. I know she didn't get at least one of the recommended full panel tests but maybe two, can someone help clarify, or is she missing two? DGP for sure and possibly EMA? And if I understand what I'm reading in other posts that the DGP can be more accurate? Thanks Her blood panel results: Ttg ab iga <.5u/ml ttg igg <.8u/ml aga ab iga <.2 u/ml aga an igg <.7u/ml iga 61mg/dL  
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