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Swollen Itchy Hands-and Swollen Wrists

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i think im goint to go insane, the only thing i ate out of sorts yesterday was a peice of ham and when i read the ingrediants (after i ate it of course) their is soy in it for flavor and the night before last (so friday night) i had a chicken breast after i ran that was also flavored with soy. now i had no reaction friday night, but yesterday after lunch my wrist started to swell up and by last night so was my hand, this morning both my hands and wrists are swollen and itchy! anyone have this type of reaction to just soy? i get hives something feirce sometimes when i accidently get "soyed" ugh this is soooo agrivating. at least with wheat/gluten i get a couple of days before all the reation kicks in, my hubby says maybe its only soy giving me the greif all these months but i doubt that.

the crazy thing is at one time in my life i was a vegetarian (i was pregnent and would get sick from it) now we get our meat from a local farmer who dosnt use antibiotics or growth hormones, so its rather funny that now it bothers me i ate tons of it when i was prego with the oldest, oh well,

anyone else get the swolled hands? and what do you do to bring it down, for the longest time my doc would give me prednisone but ug dont want any more of that ,

thanks :blink:


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It may not be soy itself, but high protein. That is my experience. However, I've found a magnesium supplement very helpful for increasing nutrient absorption. This has helped with proteins, as well as carbs and fats too. The swelling doesn't usually occur unless I indulge on protein/salt rich foods.


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I didn't think about swollen hands to be a symptom of food allergy. I've been gluten free since the beginning of the year. I almost always wake up with swollen hands. Sometimes worse than others, so it makes sense it had to be from what I ate. I so need to get religious about a food diary. Hope you get feeling better. Wendy


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thankfully i dont get this everyday, only once in while, my health has been much better since i went gluten-free in feb, but once in a while i still get the puffy itchy hands once in a while and im sure it is related to something that i eat. i cant wait to get in to the GI and allergist may be they will have some answeres for me,



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      I hear you Gemini. It's nucking futz!
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      I went gluten free & never looked back! I have dh, the celiac rash. That makes it pretty darn easy to go gluten-free the moment you figure it out. I was not about to continue eating gluten for even one more day just so the medical establishment would be satisfied in my dx. There was not a moment of doubt in my mind that I had dh & therefore celiac. As it turns out, weirder than weirder than weird and the odds I can't even begin to imagine.... I have since, by sheer accident, had 2 docs officially dx me. Is that crazy or what??!! I did not go in asking for a dx nor even hoping for one. Frankly, I just plain didn't care what they thought. The medical community has failed me numerous times throughout my life so I don't have the highest regard for them. You are 54, I was 54 when I figured mine out. I have no kids so did not need to consider them in my decision not to go for an official dx. My parents had already passed away so that was not an issue. My brother had passed away so that was not an issue either. I did contact my nephew & tell him to let my sister know so she could get tested. So I have done my duty by her & she's an adult and a nurse & can make her own decisions. I do urge people to go for an official dx whenever possible, especially when they have kids or other 1st degree family members. If it's doable for them I think they should make a good effort at it. Also, there are certain people who express they don't think they can stick to the diet without the official dx. I think those people should pursue a dx with all their might. I have never had the slightest problem sticking religiously to gluten free eating. I have never doubted myself. I know you have tired HARD! Super, super HARD. I commend you for your dogged pursuit. I would not, could not blame you for giving it all up & just going gluten free this instant. That is a choice only you can make but I fully support whatever decision you make.
    • Gluten does WHAT to the brain?
      Your brother sounds like mine, Squirmy.  He was a Type 1 diabetic and had flaming celiac symptoms to boot but his docs always, always blamed his diabetes on everything.  He lived in the country and the docs in his state just were so far from being Celiac savvy.  I doubt they ever diagnosed one. His health was failing so badly that in the end, with the 3 MONTHS of non-stop diarrhea going on, he became so dehydrated that he had a heart attack and died last August 4th. His biggest mistake was trusting these idiots completely.  I think his brain was so messed up and confused that he just couldn't understand what I was trying to tell him.......that good ole brain fog.  He did what celiac's may do when left untreated for years and years.....they slowly fail and then die.  It still is extremely painful for me to think about because I was close to him.  I still see many people in my life that I think have it because of their extreme symptoms. Listening to them complain that the doctors aren't helping them. Try suing them for malpractice would be too hard to prove. And then we have those who know there is something very wrong but won't give up wheat bread because that is unfathomable to them.  This disease can drive anyone crazy, for many different reasons. 
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