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Daily Food Journal

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4 replies to this topic

#1 Guest_imsohungry_*

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Posted 30 November 2004 - 12:38 PM

Hey ya'll,

In coping with this, I've come to realize that I need to keep a food log or journal of what I eat everyday for awhile.

Does anyone know of a good one? What should I put in it? What info. is most helpful to keep up with? I can think of a million things that I would like to document, but just like my seizure-journal...some of it gets useless...and too much documenting may keep me from seeing the "big picture."

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does a company sell a journal for food/allergy logging? What do you keep in yours?

Much hugs to everyone...advice is appreciated! -Jules
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    Advanced Community Member

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  • PipPipPipPipPipPip
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Posted 30 November 2004 - 12:44 PM

I made my own using a spreadsheet after looking online and not finding anything I really liked since none were really made to track all that food and the symptoms too.

I didn't even realize some of the changes until I went to sum up my own findings and draw conclusions for my doctor after a month of tracking my food. That is when everything finally started to fall into place.

I have yet to hear from the doc but that is OK with me too...as long as I know and she accepts that I have all these and is pleased that I am feeling better.

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Posted 30 November 2004 - 02:32 PM

IFFGD, an organization concerning ibs, has a nice little journal. I print out a page and enlarge it, then print many copies rather than ordering more little booklets. I don't have the address for this organization with me.. Can bring it along to the library tomorrow when I go to access my e-mail. Hope I remember! It may include too much information to serve your needs, but you don't have to fill out all of it. From time to time, I type certain pertinent information into my computer on a disk . I use mine as a word processor since I do not have internet at home. Cheers! Ruth S.
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Posted 30 November 2004 - 05:10 PM

I've been keeping a journal...I just made a table in Microsoft Word.....with the days of the week. I made a lot of copies and just write in what I eat every day...including vitamins and medications. Additionally, in the margin below each day, I write anything unusual--such as stomach pains and if I'm sick, the times when I vomited. Finally, I highlight the days that I am sick so that when you're sifting through them, it pops out at you.
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#5 Guest_imsohungry_*

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Posted 01 December 2004 - 07:08 AM

You all are full of great ideas!

I called and ordered the daily diary from the IFFGD foundation site. (I just typed IFFGD in Google and it was the first site listed) ;) It only cost $2.00....very cheap.

I'm also going to see about making table/spreadsheet on Word if need be.

I figure I'll document:

The day and time of meals
What I eat
When I show symptoms

I think the highlighting idea is good too! ...very useful for showing correlation. B)

Let me know if you all can think of anything else useful to document.

Much hugs. -Julie :)
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