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Daily Food Journal

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Hey ya'll,

In coping with this, I've come to realize that I need to keep a food log or journal of what I eat everyday for awhile.

Does anyone know of a good one? What should I put in it? What info. is most helpful to keep up with? I can think of a million things that I would like to document, but just like my seizure-journal...some of it gets useless...and too much documenting may keep me from seeing the "big picture."

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does a company sell a journal for food/allergy logging? What do you keep in yours?

Much hugs to everyone...advice is appreciated! -Jules


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I made my own using a spreadsheet after looking online and not finding anything I really liked since none were really made to track all that food and the symptoms too.

I didn't even realize some of the changes until I went to sum up my own findings and draw conclusions for my doctor after a month of tracking my food. That is when everything finally started to fall into place.

I have yet to hear from the doc but that is OK with me long as I know and she accepts that I have all these and is pleased that I am feeling better.



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IFFGD, an organization concerning ibs, has a nice little journal. I print out a page and enlarge it, then print many copies rather than ordering more little booklets. I don't have the address for this organization with me.. Can bring it along to the library tomorrow when I go to access my e-mail. Hope I remember! It may include too much information to serve your needs, but you don't have to fill out all of it. From time to time, I type certain pertinent information into my computer on a disk . I use mine as a word processor since I do not have internet at home. Cheers! Ruth S.


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I've been keeping a journal...I just made a table in Microsoft Word.....with the days of the week. I made a lot of copies and just write in what I eat every day...including vitamins and medications. Additionally, in the margin below each day, I write anything unusual--such as stomach pains and if I'm sick, the times when I vomited. Finally, I highlight the days that I am sick so that when you're sifting through them, it pops out at you.


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You all are full of great ideas!


I called and ordered the daily diary from the IFFGD foundation site. (I just typed IFFGD in Google and it was the first site listed) ;) It only cost $2.00....very cheap.

I'm also going to see about making table/spreadsheet on Word if need be.

I figure I'll document:

The day and time of meals

What I eat

When I show symptoms

I think the highlighting idea is good too! ...very useful for showing correlation. B)

Let me know if you all can think of anything else useful to document.

Much hugs. -Julie :)


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    • hey! Wondering if I can get some good info/help from you guys! I just signed up for this website couple weeks ago. Whenever I would Google things this was always the first to pop up and I always found info on things I googled. I am pretty new to the gluten free thing. I had a hernia surgery back in Jan and after that I kept throwing up after eating, the DR. told me it was probably acid reflex caused from surgery but all the meds I tried nothing helped. I went back and was told to cut gluten out. I have been doing so since. When I first started I felt like I had it under control and didn't throw up for 3 weeks, now I find it happening more often. I do buy gluten-free things and read labels to the best I can. My frustration comes from not knowing what its from. How do you know if its from the day before or what you just ate? I hate not knowing. Especially when I haven't had gluten (or so I think) I have been keeping a journal but I just find it so hard. I get this feeling in my stomach and can feel it in my throat. Sometimes I puke once sometimes 5 times! Yesterday for lunch I made an omlet with chicken mushrooms and feta cheese. I threw up almost 20 min after. I have also tried the no dairy thing and it doesn't seem to make a difference so I don't think dairy is an issue as well.
    • I have been on a gluten-free diet for exactly one-year. During that time, I have had no stomach issues or problems when I inadvertently ingested gluten. The other day, I had GI discomfort (no vomiting or diarrhea) and my blood pressure spiked t0 200/98 (normally 119/75). As my GI discomfort subsided, my pressure crept back to normal. This took about 16-hours. I know that I ingested something with gluten, which I had thought was gluten-free.  It never bothered me before. Should I expect that the longer I'm gluten-free, the more susceptible I will be to having a pronounced reaction to inadvertent gluten exposure? Has anyone else had similar experiences with blood pressure spikes?
    • If this is helpful: My local public library had a copy of Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall.  There is a Facebook group, I believe it is easily found by searching SCD Diet, and it's a closed group.  If you go directly to the official website of Breaking the Vicious Cycle, there's lots of information for free available, including the basics about the intro diet and beyond.  I would go to the original source of this diet rather than go to other groups/books who have perhaps veered away from Elaine Gottschall's fundamentals. Best wishes to you!
    • AdrienJ, thank you so much! I dream of traveling more one day. I have spondylitis too. I'm so glad that a gluten free and casein free diet is helping you feel your best!
    • Hi Lisa, I completely understand why you didn't do a biopsy on your daughter.  I went through the appendix thing myself...not fun!  I was diagnosed with just bloodwork and no biopsy, but did have the full panel.  I would go back to your PCP and ask for a full panel to include TTG, EMA and DGP tests.  Since she was already willing to test you, I'm sure she would be willing to order these.  Good luck!
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