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Denny's Restaurant

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I had a good experience while riding on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

We stopped at Denny's in Breezwood and spoke to the manager

about gluten-free foods. They have a list (not on the menu) about what foods

contain the common allergens.It was a good time to be there, they

weren't busy. I asked them to clean the grill and use clean spatulas

and I had hash browns, scrambled eggs, and bacon. She told me

that they cook the eggs in a skillet with butter. I thoroughly enjoyed

the meal and I didn't get sick. They bent over backwards to make

it a pleasant experience. What a pleasure to be able to eat out

while traveling. My tuna salad was getting pretty soggy about then!

I am sending a note to Denny's corporate office to thank them. :P


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I've had good meals at Denny's as well. The local one we visit has actually had quite a few people stop by who "can't eat wheat" and most of the staff I have encountered have at least been very accomadating. The only reason we don't eat there more often is because my kids end up eating a ton of bacon! That is about the only thing they want when we go there and I just don't feel that is a healthy meal. So it has only been a twice a year treat this past year! I'm glad you had a good experience.

God bless,



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