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Problem With Almond Butter

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Hi guys and happy new year. I haven't been on in about a week but trying to work things out. Just when I thought I was doing better .....almond butter got me really sick this morning. I had an appt with my dietician yesterday and she encouraged me to eat more protein at breakfast. we found out that I had a peanut intolerance after getting really sick after spreading it on rice cakes in the morning so I stopped it. She asked me to try almonds so I did. I can have a few raw almonds no problem but this morning I had a few spoonfuls of almond butter and was immediatley sick afterwards. The same sick sour sore tummy. I felt light headed and weak immediately afterwards and got a headache. Needless to say I've been feeling poorly all day and stayed in. Could it be that almonds are out too??? or is it possible that the almond butter picked up some peanut? either way I guess it's safe to say that I won't be eating it anymore. The harder I try to eat more and different foods, the more problems I run into. I'm hoping that this inflamed gut will subside by tomorrow. I am getting my York results soon enough and although my MD told me to take the results with a grain of salt....I feel it will help me to get my diet together. I actually feel better when I eat less. hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

happy to new year to all of you!


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:( sorry mel--it does sound like you wont be eating almonds either--and if peanuts are out and almonds i would be very careful with any nuts--just my opinion--i ate cottage cheese for protein, but if i remember right--milk is out for you too, isnt it--i'm sorry i am not help :( deb

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The thing is... peanuts are legumes - not really nuts. Almonds are really nuts. They aren't a part of the same family, so there're shouldn't be a cross reactivity. (Though, if I were allergic to peanuts, I'd be careful about soy; if I were allergic to almonds, I'd be careful about all the rest of the tree nuts.) And you don't have a problem when eating the pure food. But at the same time, it's something to be careful of no matter what.

Either way, my first guess is actually cross contamination. If the almond butter label doesn't say anything about allergy concerns and factory conditions, call the company. I have yet to find any regular nut butters not produced in areas that also make peanut butter - though Trader Joe's makes a soynut butter that is producted in a peanut free factory. They have a sunflower seed butter as well, but I'm not sure about the production facilities.


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Thanks for the reponse Tiffany. Actually the bottle does say that it is made in a factory that makes peanut butter. So you are probably right ..there is some cross contamintation. I didn't think I would be that sensitive. Legumes do bother me and cause me intestinal upset but the peanuts actually make me feel ill and my gut stays irritated for a while. Soy does the same thing. It makes me really sick! Before I even knew I had food intolerances I kept thinking I was getting viruses. At least now i am on the right track and addressing it correctly. The first thing to go was the gluten and I feel better without it already. The rest has been a little difficult but at least I am having days when my gut actually feels OK and I can get out and have a NORMAL day! It's very simple more almond for the raw almonds I am going to ease up on that too for a while and when things are calm I'll reintroduce them to see if I react. Today the gut is still irritated and bloated from yesterday so I will baby myself again. This board has been sooooo helpful to me. thanks for your unput.


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