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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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I Need Recipes Using Egg Yokes

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I have recently been baking a lot of a new French Bread Recipe; not only for bread, but also to make sub sandwiches It is absolutely marvelous. The only problem is it uses 3 egg whites and I don't know what to with all the egg yokes, short of putting them down the garbase disposal.

Does anyone have any recipes to help me use up my egg yokes instead of throwing them out? Many thanks.



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Well, you could always use them for scrambled eggs. But in German pudding recipes they are used as a thickener. But here is a fabulous lemon/lime mousse recipe that uses egg yolks.

Lemon Lime Mousse Recipe

Ready in: 2-5 hrs

Serves/Makes: 6 (more like 4)


1/2 cup sugar (or 1/4 cup honey or maple syrup)

2 tablespoons cornstarch or other starch (I've tried arrowroot, and it works)

1 pinch salt

3 egg yolks

(3 egg whites - optional, I use them because I didn't want to waste the egg whites!)

2/3 cup milk/rice milk

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 tablespoon lime juice (or all lime juice)

1 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon peel

1/2 teaspoon grated lime peel

1 cup heavy whipping cream – whipped (can be omitted), you can use non-dairy whipped topping instead

lime slices and additional lemon/lime peel -- optional


In a saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch and salt. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks and milk; stir into sugar mixture. Add juices; whisk until smooth.

Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil. Cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Add lemon and lime peel.

(Whip egg whites until stiff peaks form, add some sugar and whip again. Fold into pudding. Optional)

Cover surface with plastic wrap; refrigerate until completely cooled. Fold in whipped cream (the canned stuff is fine, and it doesn‘t have to be as much as the recipe calls for). Spoon into individual dishes. Garnish with lime slices and lemon peel if desired.

I've made this a couple of times for company, and they loved it!


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As I recall, many custards use egg yokes. So does traditional eggnog.

I guess you could also put some in with whole eggs when making French toast, crepes, scrambled eggs, etc, and it would be like having double yokes.


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It's always good to hold onto the yolk, that's where all the vitamins are, so you don't want to lose that part. I found at least four dessert recipes on Allrecipes for egg yolks, and you could also go crazy with the hollandaise, which they also have recipes for in the blender! And of course, you could put it into some other scrambled eggs. I'd probably try to sunny-side them and put them on toast, my favorite thing is runny egg yolk on toast.


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We have 6 chickens, so I know all about having extra eggs in the house. :lol: Here are some of my favorite ways to use up yolks.

Lemon Curd - this takes 12 yolks, so you might want to make half a batch.

Perfect Pie Crust - The absolute best pie crust I have had since going gluten-free. It takes 1 egg and 2 yolks. I make several batches at a time and freeze the dough balls. Then I pull one out when I want to make a quiche or pie or whatever.

Here is also some info on freezing them.


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Wow! Thanks so much for the great ideas for using my egg yokes. I certainly won't be throwing anymore away.

I was particularly excited about the info on freezing them. I had wondered about that, but now I have the directions. How cool!

This forum is so marvelous...I just knew someone could help me out.



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    • Weird Reaction
      Hi Cristiana, You are quite right, there could be something wrong with the batch. I have often wondered this myself when I've had symptoms. A lot of manufacturers recall products when they find contamination issues, I often wonder though, how many products 'sneak' under the radar and no-one knows for sure; it could be the reason why so many of us wonder what we did to get 'glutened'. 
    • 9 year Old going through testing
      Thank you everyone. I have scheduled a second opinion. He last biopsie came back and he is lactose intolerant.     
    • Gluten ataxia...?
      I was explaining that some people have other trouble that is immune related and caused by eating gluten, but doesn't effect the gut in a noticeable way. According to the paper that I quoted there are some people which have different types of brain problems but don't have inflammation when tested by a biopsy.  The author used the term "non-Celiac gluten sensitivity" to refer to anyone who has any brain trouble that can be traced to gluten but without obvious gut inflammation.  There are a lot of different possible ways gluten can effect the brain some may not be related to the gut.  It could still be an immune system problem.  Normally "non-Celiac gluten sensitivity" refers to just a food intolerance.  Withdrawal symptoms are not normal and could be indicative of an immune system response of some sort, but I don't know for sure.        
    • Weird Reaction
      Hi Richie I've put the above in quotes as you have described in the first and second sentence how I felt six months prior to my DX.   In my own case, in the end I concluded it was anxiety after consulting Dr Google!  It was such an alien feeling to me, I couldn't even think what it was, particularly as life was pretty good at the time.  Anxiety is a problem for a lot of celiacs prior to diagnosis, and often after glutening after going gluten-free. You mention breathlessness, this of course can be for reasons such as anaemia (again a common celiac problem, I had this prior to DX) but of course also can arise if you are anxious.   Re 'gluten free' - Flowerqueen is right, from what I have read on this forum some people really do seem to react with less than 20ppm.    But perhaps some other things to consider...  could there be something wrong with the batch you have consumed?  Might it be worth contacting the manufacturers?   That said, you could , as Flowerqueen suggests, have a problem with another ingredient, in the product or something else you consumed. In the past I have had a terrible reaction - fever, trembling, diarrhea, stomach cramps that lasted up to three hours the last three times I ate..... broccoli, of all things.    Who would have thought that possible?  I have often thought I should try it again, just to be sure it was the broccoli, as it is a 'super food' that I ought to have in my diet, that I like very much, but the thought of having such a reaction again has put me off. I do hope you will find some answers soon.  
    • Weird Reaction
      Hi Richie,  I've not heard of this drink before, as I live in the UK, but any drink made from barley is something you should avoid.  There's a brand in the UK that makes lemon and barley water and orange and barley water and Coeliac UK say it is not safe for people with Coeliac disease.  (Our labelling laws in the UK changed a couple of years ago).  You say the drink you had was under 20 ppm, which is acceptable (usually) for coeliacs, but a lot of people are super-sensitive to gluten even in very small amounts.  I recently had a similar problem with something which was supposed to be okay for coeliacs, but when I checked the website of the product, for all it said there were no gluten containing ingredients, it was produced in an area where gluten was present, which was enough to put me off and must admit, the symptoms you describe sound very much like I experienced at the time.  (Personally I'd be avoiding that particular drink like the plague from now on). One other thing though,  have you checked the ingredients to see if there could be anything else in it which you may be intolerant to? 
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      Week 4 of the gluten challenge- wheat cereal every morning, regular bread every day, and wheat tortillas for my lunch wraps. Right now, body aches that seem exercise related (weight lifting and running), even though I am doing the same intensity of weight lifting and running I've always done.  Just a few more weeks until my blood test. Counting down the days.
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