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Could It Be Something Else . . . ?

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I started having noticible stomach problems back in January of 2004. I'm not sure if they just occurred out of nowhere. I had been pregnant for two years (my kids are 2 1/2 and 17 months), so there were obviously changes in my body that I just blamed on pregnancy. Anyway, back in January '04, I talked to my PCP about stomach cramping. I couldn't really pinpoint it to any specific location, but it felt like all over. He told me to drink more water because I was constiputed. I told him that I had been constipated since 2002 and that no amount of water or any of the meds he prescribed me were doing anything. I then went to see a specialist who did bloodwork and scopes and ultrasound and scans, and most every test is normal (which I'm not complaining about). The celiac disease bloodwork was negative/normal/inconclusive, so I had a genetics test done, which came back inconclusive as well, so all tests were sent to a specialist, who said that he thinks I have celiac disease (I know I've told this story before). And this brings us back to my doctor's appointment at my new GI, where ALL of my tests came back normal. Now, I have been struggling with being gluten-free, and I've got to be honest, I'm not having much success, so I don't think that "trying" to be gluten-free would have produced normal blood results. So, my question is, if I don't have celiac disease, what the heck do I have? Are there any other diseases that are mistaken for celiac disease?


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Which tests for celiac were inconclusive before? What exactly did they test you for with celiac? Were you on a gluten-free diet when the new tests came back normal from the other doctor? If you were attempting a gluten free diet leading up to that then it is possible it can screw up the test results. Is this new GI knowledgeable about celiac? The other one you had that thinks it was had to have a reason for thinking that and if he deals with celiac alot I wouldn't cross celiac off just like that especially since you had inconclusive results. Blood tests can be negative but you still could have celiac. That's why I asked which tests you were tested for becasue some are more accurate then others and only some labs do certain tests. The symptoms I have heard you talk about are ones that come with celiac. Have you been tested for other intolerances or allergies to other foods. Maybe you have a gluten intolerance if you don't have celiac. I would look into those things as well. Have you done an Enterolab? That might give you some insight as well. Good luck :D

-And celiac can be triggered by pregnancy,childbirth,stress, etc

Also you may want to check out about Candida.Other then being a celiac for a while I found out not to long ago I have candida and I am on Nystatin. Candida can cause some similar symptoms.

As far as it being hard to be gluten free....when I was told if I don't follow the diet I would probably end up with cancer at a young age that made me determined to follow the diet. I'm not about to compromise my life for a piece of pizza. It tears your intestines up and puts you at risk for so many serious and life threatening complications.

Just like if you had a serious allergy to peanuts you would stay away from them because you could die right. Well isn't a celiac and eating gluten the same concept? No, with celiac it won't kill you right away but the concept is the same and it still is serious.


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Most of my tests were negative, and I was only attempting a gluten-free diet when the blood tests all came back negative. In the summer, Two of three came back negative and one was inconclusive (not sure which one). An endoscopy revealed a hyatal hernia, colonoscopy revealed nothing but fissures and hemrhoids. The scan they did (not sure the name of scan, but was a big machine that came down over my stomach and i had to stay still for an hour) came back as normal, the ultrasound came back as normal, all of my regular bloodwork (i.e. glucose, thyroid, etc.) was normal. The only thing that was off was my vitamin D and my iron, but only slightly.


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    • Hi All this is my blood test result 1.immunogloblulin serum 203 ( 87-350) 2.Deamidated Gliadin IGA  4 ( 0-19 negative) 3.Deamidated Gliadin IGG 3(0-19 negative) 4.Transglutainase IGA <2 ( 0-3 negative) 5.Transglutainase IGG <2 ( 0-3 negative) does it mean most likely no celiac ? thanks.  
    • At the moment it's microwave rice packets as it needs to be something easy for lunch at work. What do you choose for breakfast? At the moment I have gluten-free porridge oats with fruits but also seeing oats are a bit of a gamble in the early days. Trying to figure out how long a reaction takes to show up i.e. if I feel ropey later in the day is it really lunch as I'm blaming at present or actually is it something from the morning or even night before? The food is the toughest bit for me right now; wasn't that great with it before so will need plenty ideas from you good people... seems I'm in the right place though   
    • I know what you're going through - it's that grieving process and it's tough.  I was diagnosed in 2013, and aside from an occasional pity party, I don't look back. I have my restaurants where I feel safe, I have the food I know I can eat, and I get on with my life.  I'm lucky that I live in a big city with lots of options, but you can make this work, and you will feel better and once you do, you'll stop grieving.  The people on this site helped enormously. It is tough in the beginning to know if you've been 'glutened' vs. just going through withdrawal.  For that reason alone, it's best to avoid restaurants for a little while and be careful at home - just to be sure what's happening.  Eventually you'll be able to get back to your version of 'normal'.  Oh, I also have hypothyroid/hashimoto's.  No big deal, I take synthroid. Quinoa, eggs, nuts and beans for protein.  You don't have to go crazy on the cooking.  Just eat a lot of whole foods.  There are a lot of complicated recipes out there, but now may not be the time.  Rice noodles in veggie bouillon - easy and cheap.  gluten-free pasta with olive oil, parmesan and garlic - easy.  I eat a lot of rice and have never had a problem - you're not getting it out of one of those bulk bins, are you?  That could be contaminated.  Go with packaged.  Do you have access to the Macro Vegetarian brand of prepared rice dishes (in the refrigerated section).  They have several that are gluten free, they're delicious heated and with a little gluten-free soy sauce.  They're my go to on days I don't want to cook. Good luck!  
    • I also think that the HPV/Gardasil vaccine triggered something in my body. I had some Celiac symptoms many years before this vaccine but I felt ok. I was physically very active. However, after I received the third dose as well, I began having more problems including a more persistant pain, overall body weakness, lack of concentration, hair loss, etc.
    • OK so been to the doctor, they've sped up my referral and I should get the appointment booking form in the post shortly. They've said stay off the gluten until I have a date for the appointment then in the weeks leading up to it go back on - thoughts? Did my bit of sport last night which was a great relief to be free of any illness-related thoughts for an hour or two; didn't think I'd have the energy at the start but soon got going and was OK so that's a plus I seem to be getting some strange symptoms at the moment that have only happened since trying to remove gluten, do these sound familiar to anyone? dry forehead, just starting to go red \ itchy in places. Treating with E45-type cream tender scalp and sides of head, almost like a pulling feeling and a bit sensitive to touch. Scared this one matches the symptoms of GCA, a particularly nasty autoimmune disease that can lead to blindness 
      Edit: having said that just found this thread and funny enough did wash my hair this morning... one eye watering and associated fuzzy vision at times, trying to reassure myself it isn't blurred vision due to the point above sometimes bit of a lump in throat sensation, seems to come and go Been reading that some people can't handle rice - I was OK with it whilst eating gluten but have been having it for lunch each day and seem to get worse around 4-5pm so could that be a culprit? How long after coming off gluten would I be able to say I'm at a baseline to know if feeling ill is down to "glutening" vs. blaming it on the body adjusting to the change in (lack of) gluten in food?
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