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Gf In L.a.?

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Traveling to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks. Besides the PF Changs, any suggestions???



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Some of those places are not also in LA (and make me wish I lived closer to SD) - though, of course, Outback, PF Changs, and El Pollo Loco are. (They've got a nice little list for Orange County that I'll find useful... that teahouse; I can't believe I haven't been there!!) I've heard that Rubio's can be accomodating. Depending on where in LA you are, this list may also help.


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You definitely have a lot of options in Los Angeles. Practically every place will accomodate the needs of a celiac. I've heard that In N' Out burgers are gluten free (without the bun) along with their french fries. Here are some of the places that I went to:

*King's Road Cafe: Very casual outdoor cafe with a lot of good gluten free salads.

*Les Deux Cafe: A very nice restaurant hidden in a dumpy parking lot. Very expensive but good food. It is organic french country cuisine. A lot of gluten free options and the waiters and waitresses were very aware of celiac disease.

*The Polo Lounge: Excellent place for a celiac. Located inside The Beverly Hills Hotel. They will make anything you want, just tell them your allergies. Let's just say that I went there while I was on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and I had an assortment of great meals everyday without going hungry.

*Nobu: A Japanese Peruvian restaurant with many options. Just make sure you don't get soy sauce on anything.

*The Ivy: very expensive, famous restaurant. The food is great and most things are made gluten free. They are very aware of celiac disease.

*Locanda Veneta: Italian restaurant with many fish and meat entrees to choose from. It is an organic restaurant and they are very accomdating.


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    • Biopsy confirmed?
      Did they say if the villi are damaged?  did they do a full Celiac panel or just a TTG? 
    • Biopsy confirmed?
      Hi all. First post here :-)  I recently received my biopsy results from my endoscopy which showed lymphocytes in my duodenum. My surgeon said this is possibly celiacs and ordered a blood test to confirm. I had the blood test done 2 years ago and it was negative. So my question is could it really be ceilac and has this happened to anyone else? Also does anyone else know if this could be a false reading from the biopsy? And if the blood test is negative will he still assume celiac ... Again I would love to hear your stories on diagnosis if similar to me, So many questions! I get my results on Friday as I have to have further testing for other non-related things from the endo and just want to know the likelihood I guess. Feeling a little daunted and need to start thinking ahead if this is happening  Thanks in advance xx
    • Question on posting
      I have brought this to Admin's attention. 
    • How effective is HD skin biopsy after being gluten free for a year
      I think your Doctor is at fault for not making clear to you what you needed to do in the lead up to the biopsy. If dairy is the suspected cause and you've since cut it from your diet is it possible the biopsy could become invalid? You could end up having a pointless invasive procedure with the danger of a false positive/negative at the end. I think you should get in touch with your Doctor, let them know you've removed dairy from your diet and ask if that will impact on the results.  On the question of psoriasis or DH, that's something I've wondered about as well. Most of my skin issues improved  after gluten-free but they didnt resolve. Dairy has a big impact on them to this day. Whereas when, a year after going gluten-free, some inadvertent exposure to barley malt caused what I think was DH on my elbows it went after I removed the suspect food from my diet.  Hopefully thread below is of interest, best of luck with your diagnosis and ongoing journey to health      
    • Abuse and celiac/gi problems
      my personal symptoms above. Did another blood test and results came negative again, (gene test also negative). Found something that's interesting, useful for those that receive negative results and still convinced they have celiac or have some sort of food sensitivity(like i was). more links: Kinda solved it for me, cause i personally went through all types of abuse as a child, had symptoms listed above, got better now, hardly any symptoms.  As a note my siblings went through similar situations to a lesser degree, and they both have GI issues growing up. Feel free to ask, and inform people about this, cause all those times the doctor said IBS or 'its in your head' it might be true. ( ~3 doctors I went for celiac didn't believe I have it, just cause i'm asian ;\)
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