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9 Out Of 10 Don't React

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While visiting in New York I went to dinner at an East Side restaurant that happened to be a part of a large, well known national chain. I ordered a steak off of the gluten free menu and was surprised when it was delivered with au jus. I've never been served the au jus with a gluten free meal in any of the chains other restaurants.

Thinking asking was better than paying the penalty for ignorance, I asked the waiter about the au jus. He went and asked the manager, who said:

1) The au jus is naturally gluten free, but the pan in which they trap it may not be.

2) If it's contaminated, it's only a little contaminated.

3) Because 9 out of 10 of the gluten-free diners don't react to it, they serve it with the meat.

The manager offered another meal if I felt uncomfortable with the one they prepared. I accepted the offer.

I wonder how many complaints the manager gets, versus how many people simply never return.

I also wonder if the 9 of 10 metric reflects East Siders adopting the diet for its fad value. I can see that; what I vehemently disagree with is serving the au jus based on "only" 1 of 10 being poisoned.


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That is just bizarre- they are going to have a SERIOUS problem if someone is allergic (anaphylactic shock allergic) to gluten!


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Au Jus is gluten free it is simply the juices from the meat cooked down a bit. HOWEVER if it is prepared in a pan that isn't safe it is not gluten free. I wouldn't have touched it either


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Yeah I can relate...I had a waiter say to me, don't worry there is only a little wheat in that entree...that little bit shouldn't bother you...

Grrrrr....they don't get it....


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    • Ok, I can't seem to find my first lot of blood tests that were done for Celiac screening, they did include TTG I remember that much, and I am getting another copy of it but another test did come in today.  I don't know how different tests are done around the world and I don't get all the medical jargon but this is what it states, ******************************************************************************* HLA DR/DQ Genotyping for Coeliac Disease, Specimen type : EDTA blood Method : Detection of sequence-specific oligonucleotides (Gen-Probe). HLA-DR - 1, 13          DRB1 - 01, 13 HLA-DQ - 5,6        HLA-DQA1 - 5,6      HLA-DB1 - 05, 06 Interpretation : No genotype susceptibility for coeliac disease.  The DQ2 and DQ8 antigens associated with increased risk of coeliac disease were not identified in this patient.  In the absence of these antigens, coeliac disease is extremely unlikely.   *******************************************************************************   I have read the horror stories of blood tests and scope biopsies not be done right or flawed but here is what I do know as of now, At the moment the most non invasive test I can have done say negative.  I have double scopes (endoscopy and colonoscopy) booked for the 12th of October with results from biopsies expected a week or two after. Chances are they will show, a) signs of coeliac disease (even if the odds are low it can still happen), b) show signs of something else entirely and we will be busy dealing with the ramifications of that or c) it will show no signs of coeliac but I will still be suffering from gluten sensitivity (which is harder/impossible to measure clinically). My GP has told me that stress and anxiety can be a cause of all the symptoms I have been experiencing and suggests if the scopes show nothing that I may benefit from something to treat anxiety, i.e. antidepressants.  Not in a, "Oh we don't know what it is so have these," kind of way, he agrees with the thought that the scopes could indeed show coeliac, something else or even be negative. I did tell him that I could have a sensitivity and that even without benefit of clinical results, some people have gone on a gluten elimination diet for a period of time to see if they get any relief.  My question is this, if the scopes come up negative and I try eliminating gluten, how long would it be before I saw any results or improvements?  I have read enough here and elsewhere to know that everybody is different, some see results within days, some see results longer but are there any guidelines for how long a test like this should be undertaken for?  I have heard everything thing from two weeks to two months.  All of this is entirely moot at this point but I know that even if the results said clear, there would always be a little part of me that wonders if it could be a sensitivity that is the problem.  Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated, and a thank you to all those who have taken the time to respond and offer advice and encouragement so far.        
    • We don't delete accounts but can delete any personal information and change your screen name if you would like. Just send me a personal message with three possible screen names. For the record you can edit most things in your account area with the exception of your screen name.
    • Thanks I never heard of that dye before, I guess I have to find more natural meat thanks for the suggestion. 
    • Yes, I only eat one meal a day. Sometimes salad or fries or whatever I can find. And thanks for the replies again.
    • A colonoscopy is not used to diagnose celiac disease.  An endoscopy is used to obtain biopsies in the small intestine.  
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