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Neg. Blood Result With Stomach Pains Present

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#1 sarahnaser


    New Community Member

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Posted 01 March 2004 - 09:19 AM

hello i am new to this board. hope everyone is doing well. my daughter will be 6 in April. she has had food allergies to wheat, eggs, food colors chicken , fish. so her diet is very minimal. now she has developed a new set of problems. the stomach aches. . In sept she started full day kG. so she eats when she come home but everything gives her a stomach ache. I stopped the dairy hoping things will improve but she still has pains.

The doctors suspect celiac disease. they did the blood test (IGA) but it came out neg. we are in New jersey. Is the entrolab gene test for all the US residents? HOW about the proth... lab. i read about those 2 labs in other posts. Other than the stool test what else can the doctor check? any one with similiar problems?

plus can i have some hints on breakfast food( without egg pls)? she doesn't like the packaged gluten-free foods. i tried some with her since she has the wheat allergy.

sarah N
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#2 tarnalberry


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Posted 01 March 2004 - 11:00 AM

how about apples and peanut butter?
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#3 Guest_jhmom_*

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Posted 01 March 2004 - 11:45 AM

Hi Sara, welcome!!! :D

I read where your daughter has an allergy to wheat but is she currently on a gluten-free diet?? If not that could explain the stomach pain she is experiencing. Even after going gluten-free she may still have some stomach pain for a few weeks/months. It must take a while for all the toxins (gluten) to get out of our system. I have been gluten-free since Sept and still have the occasional pains as well as my 8-year-old daughter. ;)

Just because the blood test your doctor ordered came back negative does not mean your daughter does not have celiac disease/gluten sensitivity. Some people go many years and endure many blood test and medical procedures only to be told the results are negative. It takes a while for the damage to occur and for it to show up in the blood. But there is another way, as you have read about Enterolab, Dr. Fine which has celiac disease came up with the stool panel test which he says is more sensitive than the blood, so the test are very accurate!!! You can order the Enterolab tests from anywhere in the States. They ship Via Airborne Express and add the shipping charges to your total.

As far as breakfast ideas, (cold cerals) Rice Crunch-Ems or Corn Crunch-Ems, Vans makes a wonderful gluten-free/WF dairy free frozen waffle, frsh fruit, gluten-free bagles.

I wish you luck and hope you find some answers soon!
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#4 wdavie


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Posted 01 March 2004 - 02:14 PM

Rice pudding is one of my daughters favorite breakfasts.
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#5 JsBaby_G


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Posted 01 March 2004 - 03:24 PM

I want to recommend that your doctor perform an endoscopy, since that will give you a definitive answer to the Celiac question but it is so intrusive and I don't wish it on anyone much less a 5 year old. Good Luck ;)
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#6 SadiesMomma


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Posted 05 March 2004 - 10:51 AM

Hun, I have come to know that some doctors just dont get Celiac because they dont know much about it, it is a hiding disease.. most people who have it probably dont know they do... Mine for surely doesnt! Research some doctors specifically in Celiac and see if you can get a referral to one of them.
Just cause the test is negative doesnt mean she doesnt have celiac disease, thats what happened to me.... I was given a blood test and they said I was just eating dairy but i new better because i was on a gluten-free diet and already starting to feel a little better over time.

As for breakfast foods ... i am allergic to it all. Wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, and nuts... So I feel your pain. I used to starve for breakfast foods like french toast and eggs but no more....

I have come to love these breakfast foods.......

"Food For Life" brand Rice Breads. They are wonderful. I toast it and put a little water on it so some sugar and McCormic cinnamon can stick to it. Its a lot better than nothing and actualy doesnt taste half bad. www.foodforlife.com

I also have found that Dole all natural yellow cling sliced peaches (in a plastic jar) are great. It is all natural... no corn syrup in it so if your allergic to corn it will be a new addition to your food list. www.dole.com

Nabisco has a well known cream of wheat cereal... Which we CAN'T eat but they do also have a Cream of Rice cereal that is wonderful. It is gluten gree, fat free, and cholesterol free.... A little water added to make it not as thick and some sugar makes it a great morning treat. www.creamofwheat.com

As for breakfast drinks.. I wouldn't survive without my Celestial Seasons Decaffinated Green tea. www.celestialseasonings.com

hope these help you! :-) good eating!
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#7 sarahnaser


    New Community Member

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Posted 06 March 2004 - 03:37 PM

thanks to everyone that replied. i will try the suggestions. B)
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