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Test Results Lost

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Dear All,

The lab that did my initial stool testing now says 10 weeks later that they lost the results! The lab is a well-known nationwide corporation - LabCorp. I have called for the results every week after the first and they said they were still working on it. Now they admit that they lost them. The trouble is not simply redoing them - I was on gluten then and went gluten-free a day later. It may take months to recover that initial condition.

If they lose things like stool samples, not simple small items in this case, what else can they lose? Can we trust them? I have told my doctor I will not be tested by them again, even though they have their offices in the hospital I attend. And if they can make mistakes like this how many more do they make that we do not hear about? Or how many are not really the results of a particular patient?

This is serious stuff, affecting the lives of patients. I think we should raise our voices to congress to investigate. I have read revcent reports of overcharging or mis-charging.


San Diego


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I'm sorry, that must be so frustrating. I can see why you would be very angry.

A few months ago I was scheduled for an emergency c-section. My doctor did an amniocentesis (a very hairy procedure, which involved 3 VERY large needles being stuck in my VERY pregnant abdomen) to check for fetal lung maturity. My c-section was scheduled the next day pending the lab tests, which were flown out of state(to San Diego, actually LOL) to be done by a certain lab. Lo and behold, just as I was getting prepped for surgery, with IV already in place they called the lab and the results were lost! We couldn't go forward with the surgery without it, and we ended up losing valuable time which could have endangered my life or my baby's. Fortunately, all turned out well in the end, but it was a long and frustrating ordeal which resulted in some not too pleasant words said about that lab.

Anyway, my point is, I concur that something needs to be done. It is no small thing when labs get lost and peoples' lives are at stake.


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Well, The problem is worse than getting things lost. Getting things lost is just when the problems are seen. But, what percentage of cases are mishandled or mixed up internally? We will never know.

I have had another experience of late with this lab. They had to do special tests, not commonly done for my blood analysis (nothing to do with all the typical Celiac tests). Several weeks after it was done I was called back in to get it redone because the staff had not been told that for this case the blood had to be keep chilled after withdrawing it. I am glad that they found out in time on this occasion.

But, together with all the cases I hear about people getting billed for the wrong tests or tests not being done I fear we are using a very expensive and unreliable resaource. In my case I asked for second tests to be done - and yes there were real differences! In future I may seek a second lab for each test.

My message is - it is important to investgate the accuracy and reliability of the testing lab before one goes ahead, as I see here so often, to balme or question the doctor.



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I understand how frustrating that must be. Prometheus is probably the best lab for celiac testing.


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      Ok so I had my colonoscopy & endoscopy last Thursday. Don't get results until July 13th as GI is on vacation. I've had bad pain in my lower left abdomen that wraps around to my lower back as well for the past 4 days..even hurts to touch lightly. Went back to the ER & they did an ultrasound & CT scan. The Doctor said that I have "prominent" lymph nodes in the area that is painful as well as thickening & inflammation of my Sigmond colon? Um ok what is that all about? Kind of freaking out over the whole swollen lymph nodes thing. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? 😒
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      My 2 year old daughter has sufferd with extremely large stools for over a year. She will have a bm once or twice a week there has been blood sometimes i took her to the docs and they gave her some stool softner which didnt help they tried uping the dose which still didnt help and they told me it would eventually work which didnt she was then put on movicol which she was only supposed to get half a sachet still no diffrence i uped it to the the full sachet which helps a little she doesnt always have large stools but most of the time she does. She has got to a stage where she clenches and wont let it out because of how sore it is i try to put her on the toilet for it to come a little easier for her but she screams and will try hide herself in a corner and wont let you anywere near her it is heart breaking to watch her. If anyone has any in advice i would really like to hear.   Thanks.
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      Everything I have learned I have learned through this forum or simply from my last EGD results and labs and then looking them up on the internet.  The drs have given no information except for do a gluten free diet.  My understanding is that a repeat EGD is needed to confirm healing.  When I was tested about this time last year I was a Marsh3b.  Which in my research is pretty serious.  I am still having ill effects from god only knows what these days.  I went strictly gluten free June 2015.  I have had glutenings (not by choice) and the last one I had was because of an antibiotic that I took that has sent me through the roof with anxiety issues.  I try to be as careful as possible but it is like it doesn't seem to matter how careful I am I am either aching and hurting in my joints, tired all the time or OK one minute and the next feel like crap and that my world is about to end.  It is very frustrating to say the least when you go to the dr and you are expecting support or some sort of answer and don't get one.  I have eliminated milk from my diet as of about a month and a half ago.  That seemed to help, some.  But I still have days where I hurt and ache in my elbows and in my hands.  I have moments when I am about to freeze to death and sit with a heater and where I live the temps outside are 90+ degrees plus humidity and the AC is not even on.  Most of this has just started happening I would say in the past 4 months or so.  At night when I go to bed I wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt and sleep under 4 blankets and a sheet.  They say my thyroid is fine.  I feel like I have some issues with my nervous system but to be honest with you I haven't seen drs enough to mention this to them because all they are worried about is if I have diarrhea.  Cycling Lady I will be keeping any all records that I have and continue to gather the ones for anything I have done in the future.  .  I have been through health issues with my husband and would keep all of his records and labs so we would have proof.  Just seems like doctors don't care anymore.  The last GP I went to actually listened to me and I will see her again next month after the EGD.  I did give ALL of my records, EGD, labs, medical records, etc. to the new GI prior to our first visit back in January.  She said she reviewed them.  And told me we would re-draw the labs and schedule EGD to check healing when I went to her this month.  We have scheduled the EGD but no mention of labs.  JMG I am having the procedure re-done so that I can see if I am healing.  Mostly because of all the ailments I still have or seem to be developing every day.  I used to be a person who could remember things and get things accomplished but lately that has not been happening and scares me more and more every day. I understand that no procedure is risk free.  I have had 2 C-sections, wisdom teeth removed and tubal ligation.  Each one had its own issues after they were done.  I am a person who has to see it to believe it I guess.  If I don't see it, it is hard for me to understand it.  It is hard to figure this out when I am the one who usually takes care of everyone else but then when I need to be taken care of, nobody knows what to do.  I think that is it in a nut shell.  All that ya'll have told me is a big help.  Around here I have no support groups or even a good friend I can talk to about stuff that would even come close to understanding.  My husband will listen, but he doesn't understand.   
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