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8 Month Old

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I think my 8 month old daughter might have a gluten intolerance. I am going to see the pediatrician on Sunday, and I will ask for a referral to see a specialist, but I'm not so sure I'll even be able to get any tests or diagnosis where I live. I live in Saudi Arabia.

I keep reading that in order to properly diagnose celiac disease, you have to have gluten in your diet. Well, every time I give my daughter anything with gluten she gets the worst diaper rash ever and poos so many times a day. I suspected she had a wheat allergy when she was about 5 1/2 months old because we let her eat bread (chew on bread) and she got diarrhea and a horrible diaper rash that even bled. I recently decided to try wheat again, and today I gave her barley cereal. So, now the very loose stools are back and the diaper rash. How can I keep giving her gluten if she gets a diaper rash? It's horrible to see her cry every time I change her diaper and she's also been so fussy the past few days since I gave her gluten again. :(

Is she too young to diagnose? Also, I keep reading that celiac disease is genetic. So, is there a 50/50 chance to pass it on? Actually, after reading about all the symptoms in adults, I think my mom might have it and not know it.


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I have a similar story. My little guy was very colicky, terrible diaper rash (raw blistered looking). I cut out gluten, dairy, and soy, and all the symptoms disappeared. They asked me to reintroduce it after a few months. And all the symptoms came back. So of course I stopped, so now he can't be tested for antibodies or bowel damage via a scope because he is not being exposed, but I don't mind. They can do the expensive genetic testing (but there are lots of false positives-like 20-30 percent of people test positive)...

The other thing is they tested my little girl who was eating gluten and having chronic diahrea and slow growth for the IGA antibodies associated with celiac, and she was negative. However, I am totally IGA deficent, and it is genetic and it is associated with celiac disease. So I started her on a gluten free diet and she is having normal poops :) Within a few days!

Hope that everything works out well for you! I have found that common sense is sometimes the best medicine, unfortunately alot of the specialists we have worked with seem to lack this key. If it hurts to touch, don't touch it! And if it is not broken, don't fix it! Cheers and Merry Gluten/dairy/and soy free Christmas!


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I have a similar story too. My daughter is 22 months now. She had the EXACT same symptoms going on when she was that age. I finally put it together when she went on whole milk and things got 100 times worse. She was lactose intolerant too.

We did ALL testing (allergy, endoscopy, Celiac panel, and Gene) everything was negative. It is real hard to diagnose them when they are so young.

My suggestion to you is go with your gut. If you can't get the testing or if it comes back negative, keep her off the gluten anyway. You can always re-introduce it when she a little older and her immune system is more mature.

We were on and off gluten ALL summer trying to get her a diagnosis and things got really bad. She started to have a systemic reaction. She developed these rashes up and down her arms and legs and then she developed a rare auto-immune disease, which I believe was triggered by her in-ability to process gluten.

We have been gluten-free since the beginning of sept and she improving dramatically.

I hope this helps. I had a really hard time getting Dr's to take notice that something was wrong. Despite ALL the negative tests, her symptoms improved on the gluten-free diet. I finally, convinced her GI Dr. to diagnose her with a gluten-intolerance but this was only after she was diagnosed with her other auto-immune disease. I think that a gluten-intolerance, is a real thing but hard to prove and can wreak havoc on the immune system and be as harmful to the body as Celiac disease. It really needs to be researched more. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Good luck!!


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    • healthy bread recipe?
      Ok thank you for the input! I am happy to hear what you think about her biopsy. Her GI is actually getting a second opinion from the celiac specialist. Our appointment is in a week. I have always thought she had celiac too. I asked them to do a biopsy years ago and they did but it was normal. She has more neurological symptoms than GI. She has headache and POTS. But she was reacting to all kinds of foods all of the sudden a few months ago. The low histamine diet really helped and she tolerates more foods now. I make almost everything from scratch, there is no gluten anywhere in the house and I don't use gums because she and I react to them. Breakfast is the hardest. Eggs are high histamine, she can't have oats, can't have fermented foods (yogurt), Breakfast is a nightmare. Many fruits and veggies are high histamine. She eats the ones she can tolerate. That's why I was asking about breads. What do you eat for breakfast? Are flax seeds safe or are they like oats? I can't find any flax seeds that say certified gluten free.
    • Could this be celiac or is it really just IBS?
      Hi! So I've never posted in a medical forum but y'all seem super helpful so I figured I'd throw this out there! Sorry if this is long lol. Basically, I'm a 22 year old who has stomach problems for as long as I can remember and it's recently gotten worse. I remember having bad stomach aches and diarrhea off and on since I was little. I finally told my parents and saw a GI in high school who took an xray, said it was IBS, and told me to eat more fiber. Around the same time I was feeling weak all the time and I was having what kinda felt like panic attack symptoms without the actual psychological panic. It kind of felt like a hot flash or too much adrenaline? I just kept telling the doctors that I felt "off". I was also diagnosed with atrial flutter, sinus tach, and asthma for no apparent reason, and I just felt like crap in general some days with no explanation.  I leaned to deal with my stomach problems because everything seemed to come and go. Oddly enough when I went away to college it was a little better for my first year or two. Fast forward to about a year ago, and it started getting more consistent so I went to a new GI. She ordered an ultrasound of my abdomen and from there I actually found out that I had a poorly functioning gallbladder (without stones). I had that taken out in November and have not felt any better since. What's weird is that I never had what I would consider "gallbladder pain", as there really isn't a particular spot that hurts every time. Also I want to add that I am a super levelheaded person, so my doctor telling me it's IBS and to cut stress and see if it helps makes me roll my eyes. This is often how my diarrhea starts off these days: I'll feel bad hot flashes or just "off" and foggy for no reason, then hear the gurgles, get pain, and then diarrhea. Most of the time I feel better after that; sometimes I don't. But I think it's weird that I often feel fluish before my stomach even starts hurting.  Basically I just have all these weird vague symptoms that don't seem related and have been coming and going since at least high school. My current GI doc ordered IGA and IGG tests last summer which came back negative. She also did a colonoscopy a few weeks ago and that was negative too. Now she wants to do a small bowel xray with barium.  Here are my main symptoms: diarrhea 2-6 x a day (it ranges from just loose stools to full-on watery)  severe bloating to the point I look pregnant weird hot flashes that seem correlated to my stomach problems headaches had my gallbladder taken out even though I'm 22 and normal weight short stature (4' 10") nausea bad eczema   Does this really seem like IBS or could my blood results be wrong? My doctor seems to think she's thoroughly tested me for celiac. Would the small intestine xray show any of that? Thanks in advance!!!    
    • Diagnosis and Test Results
      I have been struggling with  symptoms for over a year and had lots of other testing done by my GI.  She did the celiac disease blood test a few weeks ago.  It came back positive for the two genetic markers but my antibodies were negative.  I received the results by phone from the (stupid) nurse who only relayed to me that "your tests showed that you are positive for Celiacs Disease.  you need to go on a gluten free diet and follow up in a few months".  I was so surprised by what she said it didn't even occur to me to call the doctor directly so I took it upon myself to research the disease and going on a strict  gluten free diet.  The first two weeks were horrible!  EVERYTHING I ate gave me diarrhea.  After two weeks, I started to feel better but anytime I inadvertently ate gluten by accident or was cross contaminated, I had horrible diarrhea again.  I spoke with my GI doctor today (I work at the hospital where she works) and she explained the blood results better to me.  (I still haven't expressed my anger about the nurse to her yet...but I will!) It doesn't make sense to me that I have the gene, have been experiencing IMO full blown symptoms (significant weight loss, malnourished, diarrhea, migraines, increased depression/anxiety, etc) but my antibody test was negative.  Could it be lab error?  I asked about an endoscopy and she said we could do it but it still may not confirm the disease.  I've also researched IBS and I don't seem to match up with those symptoms. Part of me wants to know if I have a gluten intolerance or the actual disease.  Either way I'll continue to follow the gluten-free diet but I think it's important to know if I have an autoimmune disease correct?  Or does it? Just looking for some guidance...
    • healthy bread recipe?
      Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely!!!!!!! Your doctor seems to think all her villi have to be completely wiped out for her to be celiac. Like cyclinglady says.... get the records & get a second opinion. BTW, I happen to agree with all the rest she said too but I just wanted to emphasize the second opinion part.  
    • Nothing left to eat
      I usually have sautéed yellow peppers, kale (or spinach) mushrooms as a base.  Then throw in some leftovers like baked sweet potato, or chicken chunks, add an egg and call it a breakfast!
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