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Medication For Stomach Pains

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Good morning everyone,

Okay heres my new thing. I went to the doctor yesterday (again) and explained my pains/problems and what not and was asking about why my tests a year ago came back neg. eventhough the gluten-free diet helps so much. She looked into my charts and my doctor showed that my old doctor only did one of the 3 blood tests. Uugh, should have done them all at once. They still incist that my wheat allergies would have showed up even though I had been gluten-free.... whatever.

Long story short, they referred me to a gasterolinterologist (i killed that spelling huh!) so Im on the ball to a recovery. Scared as hell though. :unsure: I absolutely hate doctors.

My doctor said that since I had previously been diagnosed with IBS that she could help me with the cramping and all that stomach crap with a medication called.. (Ill name it Esactly how it is on the label) "DICYCLOMINE 20MG TAB (MYLAN)". When I asked she said that she was pretty sure that it was gluten-free....

I dont know about you but "pretty sure" isn't good enough for me. I looked on the celiac medications page and it wasnt there... Does that mean that it is forsurely not gluten-free. Or are there more that arent on there because they arent common.

Also... Have any of you taken this medication If so how did you react to it? Did it even help? Did it cause more diarreah or constipation? I tried researching it online but I didnt find much.

THANKS!!!!! :)


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I took dicyclomine (brand name is bentyl) for about 2 months, 3 times a day. It had no side effects that I noticed and seemed to be a very safe drug. It's the same drug they sometimes give to newborns who have colic and stomach pain. The only complaint I had with dicyclomine is that it isn't particularly effective. The one thing it did do was slow down my bowel movements, so I went every other day instead of once or twice every day. It tells you to take it before meals, I think, but I felt best taking it with or just after meals. I stopped taking it simply because it didn't really change my symptoms and I figured why be on it if it isn't really helping, but for you it may be very effective. Congrats on being referred to a GI doc, that will point you in the right direction!

Oh, and P.S., it is gluten-free, at least when I called the company they said it was! But maybe a lot of companies manufacture it and it could be different, call your pharmacy and get the listing of who they get their dicyclomine from, then call and double check.


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:D Thanks so much for your input. I am always peranoid how things will effect me when I eat them or take medications... I guess I wont know if I dont try it. I do hope to see results.

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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My gastroenterologist (sp?) also prescribed it to me and he diagnosed my celiac disease so it better be gluten-free! It makes me soooooooo sleepy. Jenni


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    • Hi Sunshine, There is a program called a 504 plan that some schools will follow if you get one approved.  It helps the school identify proper ways to deal with a child's particular needs.  Probably it is helpful to have a 504 plan, but they may require a formal diagnosis for it.  I suggest you talk to the school and ask them about it.  Tell them the situation with the kid and about the stress he would need to go through to get diagnosed.  They may be willing to work with you without a formal diagnosis.   I am not saying you absolutely have to have a 504 plan for him.  School districts vary and some may be more accommodating than others.  A 504 plan may give you certain rights, but I  am no expert on them. The gluten challenge is 12 weeks of eating gluten for blood tests.  The payback for being formally diagnosed is questionable IMHO.  Treatment is the same regardless, eating gluten-free for life.  One thing to be aware of is that celiac disease has a genetic factor.  So he got the gene from one of the parents.  Anyone else in the family could have celiac develop at some point.  So testing every couple years for all family members is a good idea. Welcome to the forum!
    • Thank you everyone. I appreciate all of the information and support.  I am feeling overwhelmed right now and it was really getting me down yesterday. I don't feel so hopeless now. 
    • Okay. I think I will start with an allergist and a dietitian. 
    • Yes, that list I posted includes stuff to look out for in your cosmetics as well, I think. Spices get contaminated often depending on brands, sources, and packaging plants, you have to find brands that are certified, I find Spicely Orangics works here. Supplement wise I am on a ton. I take combinations of Liquid Health Brand, Stress & Energy and Neurologic Support for B-Vitamins, I take Doctors Best Chelated Powdered Magnesium. I drink a bunch of almond milk and eat a lot of nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies, and a huge viarity of foods always having a mix to balance out my needs in vitamins (I studied alot an worked with a dietician to learn what contains what and find my balance). I found a IBS targeted probitotic from jarrow seems to work best with me and no bloat. List of other supplements if you want but with celiacs different people can get different deficiencies and you should probably talk to a dietician and see about having your own regiment built up. I just listed the common ones. I was thinking about this later on and after I got off the stuff for awhile I found myself randomly vomiting from some foods, none of the brain fog, numbness, Just throwing up. Ended up I developed intolerance to certain foods like egg yolks, soy, and a few others things. I also developed allergies to corn where I would just get sores in my mouth and digestive tact and run 99-102F Fevers when I ate anything contaminated with it. And a peanut allergy that caused me to distend and swell throwing up for hours and getting a rash later on. My different reactions to different foods made my dietician laugh at how odd my body is (we both did after talking for awhile) and my doctors found it interesting and kept on wanting to run more test.
    • I will cut dairy out immediately. I have eliminated most processed foods already. I do use a lot of spices. I read labels on everything. It is so overwhelming. Is there a good list of ingredients to look for in cosmetics, soaps, supplements... ? It has been recommended that I take a probiotic, calcium and vitamin D. Do you take supplements?
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