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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Brain Fog, Anxiety

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I've just recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I've experienced social anxiety as far back as I can remember, as well as having some issues with OCD. In the past four months of eliminating gluten, I've noticed that the persistent brain fog has diminished and my anxiety has gone down to manageable levels.

WELL, for some reason I thought China Buffet was a good idea last week. WRONG. I managed to get myself glutened and my old symptoms showed back up. Its like I could feel my brain become inflamed. It's the strangest feeling, I used to call it "brain squeeze", because that's exactly what it feels like. Now I know what it's from. I also have had the same old anxiety where I couldn't look anyone in the eye and paranoia concerning people judging me. I ALSO had mood swings where I just wanted to burst out crying and irritability.

It's been five days and it's like my head comes in and out from this foggy haze. I wake up and think I'll be okay for the day and it comes back again. How long does this last?? I like feeling normal!

I'm never eating out again.



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Hi and welcome. I get that feeling from gluten. For me the gluten anxiety reaction goes for 3 or 4 days, sometimes 5. It helps me to take fish oil and extra B12.


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Thanks so much for your suggestion! I do take some B-12 in a Multi, but what gluten free brand would you suggest as a separate supplement? This brain fog is still making its dreaded appearance and is driving me bonkers. :wacko: I feel like my IQ has plummeted, which is no good for being in school.


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Look for sublingual methylcobalamin. I haven't really seen gluten in single vitamin pills very often so just look at the ingredients. I've been taking the Natural Factors 1000 mcg sublingual. It doesn't have any gluten ingredients but it DOES have lactose in the tablet.

I'm really sorry to hear that you're still not feeling better!


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i know the brain fog feeling as well. I find just eating a whole lot of fruits and vegetables. and as much fiber as you can while still eating food bc fiber does grab some of your minerals naturally. Thats why its always better to get your fiber from veggies and such vs what i use sometimes (psyllium husk fiber capsules).

I approach is clean it out. And if you feel the fog the same way as me I would drink some caffeine to be functional and get some exercise bc that will also aid with flow.

Good luck!


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Oh my gosh! I know the brain fog all too well (something that is so hard to describe to anyone who has never experienced it). First I would say as a general rule of thumb I NEVER EAT AT A BUFFET. And I actually avoid Chinese restaurants all together unless with the excetpion of pei wei and P.F. Changs (which has great Gluten-Free options and they put it on a different colored plate so you know that they heard you).

As far as recovery goes I usually have pretty bad symptoms for about two weeks before I start noticing much improvement. Sorry :( It really sucks! Hope you feel better soon.


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    • Japan (Tokyo And Kyoto) Gluten Free
      i would  tend to agree with your mom and that comes from more than  30 years in and out of Japan. the  quality of the produce, meat and fish tends to be much better than the US  becsaue it gets to market  much faster and becasue there is a demand  for quality  above the demand for low price.  As it was pointed out, this  has  nothing to do with gluten.    There  are  alot of things you can  eat  in just about any restaurant  but there are things to learn like onigiri -- rice balls,  are seemingly innocent  but  90% of htem contain wheat starch.  most larger  grocery stores and  department store basements  you can  get  gluten free soy sauce. ---  most  chefs still assume that  soy sauce is soy  so never  take anyones  word for it when it comes to soy sauce. Of al the mixed  salads at  family mart, 7-11 and lawsons  only the gobo salad was  safe. good luck    
    • Gluten free backing food
      We are prepared for earthquakes at home, in our car and at work.  That means keeping tins of sardines, gluten-free cereal bars,  SPAM, nuts, chicken, fish, rice, etc. in our earthquake kits.  I have to go through it every three to four months to rotate out some of the foods (e.g. cereal bars).  I mark it in our planner.  It works for us.  Tasty?  Appetizing?  I bet my kid will be thankful to have food to eat in the event of an emergency.  
    • Blood sugar, hunger, celiac
      How much fat are you consuming?  Going lower carb and not adding in fats can make you hungry.   So, do you know that Type 1 diabetes is strongly linked to celiac disease?    I would ask your doctor for a GAD antibodies test to rule out type 1. disease-and-diabetes/   I basically eat to my meter and that translates to a Low Carb High Fat diet.  Keeps my doctor happy with my lab results! 
    • Lower left abdominal, left pelvic & other random pains
      VERY good point cyclinglady, very good point!!!!
    • Even gluten-free Foods Triggering Reaction After Initial Glutening?
      I was glutened in July.  Badly.  I have NO clue as to what got me.  I suspect two things 1) a gluten free store- brand, product that might have been mis-labeled and 2) a prescription generic medication (contacted the manufacturer to confirm a gluten-free status but got the old liability statement of no guarantees).  Both items were NEVER consumed by my gluten free hubby who acts as my canary.     I probably got glutened again by eating out while on vacation even though I only at at restaurants recommended by other celiacs.  The rest of the time I was at my parent's house and I have a dedicated kitchen there for us.   Who knows?  But I was sick with anxiety, tummy issues, vomiting, the works.  It was strange since anemia was my original symptom and I really did not have tummy issues at the time of my diagnosis.  So, celiac symptoms can evolve at least for me!  Six weeks after my first sign of a glutening, I was tested by my new GI because I was not getting well.  He thought I had SIBO or bile duct issues. I asked for celiac blood testing.    Turns out it was gluten all along!   During my glutening, I became lactose intolerant again, could only eat stewed foods because everything hurt to get through my digestive tract.   I was a basket case for three months.    Did I mention new problems resulting from my glutening?  Hives, itching, vomiting, passing out and tummy aches almost daily.  Anti-histamines helped.    My GP thinks I am her most "allergic" patient.  Except it was more like a histamine intolerance or a mast cell issue not allergies.   Who knows?  The hives eventually resolved as I healed from my glutening.    I refuse to test the two items that were suspect.    No way!    Three months later, I got dairy back.  Six months later I am eating gluten free anything....without any issues.  I also do not take any meds (except for Armour Thyroid) , supplements, eat out and I avoid even processed gluten-free items.  But, I feel great.     I suppose that I will eventually slip up and get glutened again.  But I am working hard not too.  I like feeling well.   So, really look to your diet.  I bet you just keep getting glutened.  Stick to whole foods, follow the FODMAP diet and wait.  Wait.  Wait.    
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