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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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I Need Help Figuring Out What To Do - Intolerances

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I am 6 weeks gluten free because I thought I had Celiac because of my severe reflux and the endo showed small intestine inflamation.

3 weeks into it the diet and my reflux was half the problem it used to be. Prior to the diet, I had to sleep upright, had constant burning in my throat, sinuses and lungs from reflux. It was so severe it was making my life hell and I could barely work and live day to day. I was on 2 Nexium per day, including Sulcralfate 4x day and Bentyl and that wasn't even bringing me relief. This thing would keep me up all night constantly waking me up so I was a mess all day.

That 3rd week I got the call from my Dr's office that the Celiac test was negative. So I tried to go off the diet 3 different times and had reactions to wheat each time so I stayed on it.

Now 6 weeks post start of the diet and I have found that I am sensitive to corn as well and maybe even dairy. My reflux is back in full force. I just stopped corn/dairy this week but keep finding hidden corn in things I have already eaten because I was careless.

I have Tricare and have to used Military doctors. Let's just say my care is less then stellar. I have to figure all of this stuff out on my own and basically report back to my GP, since my Gastro doesn't believe in food intolerance causing reflux.

I keep scouring the internet for info on what is happening to me and I read that if you stop eating the foods sometimes you can wait a few months or years and you may be able to eat the foods again someday. I also read that I might keep developing other food intolerances as time goes on to the point I won't be able to eat anything!!

I just started Rainbow Light Advanced Enzymes this week along with a probiotic iFlora to help heal my guts. What else should I do to limit the intolerances that may keep popping up?


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I don't know if you can do anything to stop a new intolerance. You can rebuild your digestive system - diets like SCD are supposed to do that.

I have been adding probiotic foods to my list - naturally fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee. Found them at whole foods and other natural food stores. I'm going to make coconut milk kefir, too (no dairy).

In the beginning (of going gluten-free) everyday is an adventure. If its any consolation you may be "uncovering" intolerances, not developing new ones?


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