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Is This A Possible Glutening?

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I'm still very new to this diet (a little over 2 months, I believe) so I not sure if this is my first glutening or not? I'm about 99% sure that I haven't actually eaten anything with gluten but cross contamination is a possibility. I've just read a lot about people getting 'glutened' and a lot of peoples' symptoms seem to be worse than mine. But here are what I think my symptoms have been and when I think it started. I'm just going to run through each day of the week. Sorry if it gets too long but I just want to figure this out.

Last Saturday I felt a little bloated/gassy after lunch (could have just been too much salad dressing, cheese, etc.) I got hungry around dinner and felt fine for the rest of the night.

Sunday I was a bit constipated but I just blamed it on fact that for whatever reason my body sometimes doesn't care to go numero dos on the weekends. So weird haha... This threw my morning off a bit but after lunch I was completely fine.

Monday I was still constipated but otherwise felt fine.

Tuesday I was still C but my stomach still felt fine otherwise. I did get a headache in the afternoon which I found a little strange. Before going gluten free I got headaches around 4 times a week. Then I had headaches as I was going through withdrawal. After that, I was almost completely headache free until Tuesday. I should mention that on Tuesday night I also had a Udi's bun. I've found that the afternoon after Udi's I'm hit with fatigue, muscle pains, emotional moodiness, and sometimes nausea that ultimately knocks me out for 3 hours.

Wednesday was still C and I felt fine until around 2pm (Normal Udi's mystery reaction time)when the yawning started..then muscle pains...then the mood. Luckily it stopped there and I didn't have any stomach problems for the night.

Thursday I was surprised to still have the muscle pains and also surprised to see that they were getting more and more painful. My bones kind of felt like they were just going to snap whenever I stretched. By the afternoon, I felt a little out of it and was starting to have mild lower stomach pain. I was hungry for dinner though and ate with no problems.

This morning (Friday) I woke up and felt fine.. even a little hungry. I ate breakfast (same thing I have almost every morning so that wasn't the problem) and played with my cat and felt like I was going to have a good day. Now, about 2 hours later, I have mild D and my stomach is making noises and I don't really feel good at all.

Another weird thing is that it seems like every morning since this has happened, I've woken up at 4am like clockwork. I wake up for like a minute and fall back asleep. It's been very strange. I haven't eaten anything different than usual so I don't understand the constipation and the muscle pains from Udi's usually just last a few hours (If I pass out, it's gone when I wake up) so I don't understand why it lasted so long and got worse. Is this a possible CC reaction? Like I said, I'm still new so I don't know what my reaction would be.

Also, if anyone could answer these questions for me that would be great:

-Should I expect the D to get worse? It's just mild right now and I'm really hoping it doesn't get any worse.

-Does this sound like a reaction or just part of the ups and downs of the start of the diet? Could a mild reaction even last this long?

-Is there anything I can do to make the D stop? Are pepto bismol tablets gluten-free?

I told my mom that I think I'm having a reaction and of course her response was to tell me to just start taking the heartburn medicine that my doctor gave me that I stopped taking because it made me nauseous. So frustrating.

Ohhh and I should clarify what I mean when I say constipation. I usually go around the same time every morning like clockwork (minus the weekends..). This week I've still gone but it's been a very small amount each time, later in the morning, and it's been more difficult to go. I've also noticed a difference in the way the stools look this week (TMI TMI sorry) so I guess I'm not actually C by most peoples' definition but I didn't know what else to call it?

Thanks for any help and sorry this is so long and TMI!


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It could be...or you could be having any of the normal digestive problems other people have. It took me months to figure out most of my symptoms & their timing, and about 9 months before I had a full grasp on reactions.

Reactions are very specific to individual--including how long they last, if they get worse, if they change over the days, etc.

So...maybe! You'll really need more reactions to compare to. They will happen...and they may change a bit early on as your body adjusts to the diet.


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    • Hello, I've had a pretty rough ride health-wise over the past year due to Coeliac. I posted a few months ago explaining my story: I've seen small, incremental improvements over the past few months (headaches starting to ease, more stomach 'rumbling' instead of just an uncomfortable bloated/full feeling etc.) and have just started back at university which I'm pleased about.  However, progress is painfully slow and I was hoping to have seen more concrete improvements by now. Is this normal? Any advice/reassurance from others who still had fairly severe symptoms after 6-8 months gluten free would be really helpful. It can be quite tough both physically and mentally sometimes and the 'light at the end of the tunnel' can seem a long way off.   In addition, I had a flu vaccination around a month ago and since then, have had quite bad GI symptoms, headaches and fatigue which seem to occur in 'flares' of a few days before settling and then starting up again a few days later. I think they're beginning to settle down a little more now but just wondered if it's possible that the flu jab could have had this effect due to the severity of my symptoms and sensitivity of my 'system'/stomach post-diagnosis?  I stick to very similar foods on a daily basis because I'm only able to tolerate a bland diet, so I can't put my finger on anything food-related that could be causing this and I'm very careful to avoid gluten and cross-contamination etc (I live at home and prepare meals myself, I don't eat out at the moment and have been 'glutened' once and these symptoms are quite different to that). Has anyone else in the earlier stages of recovery had reactions to vaccinations? Thanks everyone for your support.  
    • It really can be anywhere or any random source, Few tips, as mentioned eat whole foods only nothing processed, Use Freezer paper on your prep surfaces to fix your foods, perhaps gloves in case your touching something else (door to fridge, pantry, computer keyboard, etc) that might have trace gluten residue. Have dedicated gluten-free cooking utensils, pots, and pans. Check your soaps, shampoos, make up and other hygiene products, these might also contain gluten that could be cross contaminating.  I personally had this exact issue and broke down sold everything I had and started new in a new apartment, new appliances, new everything since I was getting sick at least twice a week and could not hold a job. I will link you to the list of gluten ingredients to look out for. Hopefully you can find the cause and not have to go as radical as I did to get relief. It might be something as simple as a spice, or a random product in you house.
    • Thanks for your replies...!  Thanks for all the tips, I am indeed on a caveman diet and trying to figure out what works best. I had rice on Friday and unfortunately did get a reaction (bloating/nervousness), which for now makes carbs a thing of the past. I do indeed do very well on protein and am becoming picky about the ingredients in foods as well. For example I had asparagus the other day but they were packed in citric acid. Little did I know citric acid had sugar. Suffered a severe reaction. All-natural indeed is the only way to go when it comes to curing this thing..  Well, it's a valuable lesson. I never drank enough during my childhood but I'm trying to drink at least a bottle nowadays. It probably contributed to my gut issues.  I'll do my best and see how it goes.  Thanks again, Ken
    • In Saint Denis , the capital,  New shop L ile ô bio , rue Michel Ah Sam tel 0262946564sells gluten free biscuits brand Nature & Co quite nice, pasta  Italian shop Mediterraneo 38bis rue Charles Gounod 0262134702 sells nice pasta and sauces  Frozen shop Picard sells a Genius bread , not bad    local food, beware of the gratin de chouchou , very nice but the bechamel sauce got flour easy to find salad and grilled fish, lots of rice base dishes 
    • I was in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa this summer, with very few problems.  I brought a ton of Kind bars, Justin's peanut butter packets and Costco beef jerky just in case!  I get the Kind Bars and Justin's on Amazon Prime.  Africans eat a lot of meat (try the Kudu, it's awesome!) and veggies.  Stay away from sauces.  I don't recommend eating the Mopane tree worms, even though they are gluten-free.  I tried to get out of it, but my tour leader said they were gluten-free and I had to try it as part of the experience....ewwwww!  lol  gluten-free is quite popular in South Africa...they call in the Banting diet.  Maybe they know it up north as well?  I would definitely stay away from chips because you have no idea what else has been in the same fryer oil.  One chicken nugget and you're toast.  I've never had a problem with rice.  Have a great trip...Africa is amazing!  
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