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Kids Cold/pain Products!

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This process is infuriating!! I spent an HOUR and 20 minutes at Walgreens going up and down the isle, reading labels and searching on my phone for gluten free cold meds/etc for children. I want to have my cabinet ready for cold season, we've already had a couple sniffles circulate! I get ibuprofen at Target (their brand) that is clearly labeled gluten free, the children's dye free ibuprofen as well. I also verified with the manufacturer on a couple of Target OTC products. I wanted to have some Tylenol on hand even though if my kids have a fever I usually use ibuprofen- there have been occasions when dealing with a high fever or really sick kiddo, that my pediatrician suggests alternating the two. So, I cannot find ANY generic OTC acetemetephen that apepars to be gluten free- I picked up the grape Tylenol children's liquid- I could not verify online but past post searches suggest this is TESTED and IS confimed gluten free?

I also have a list from gluten free drugs, that lists Benadryl and Dimetapp as gluten free. (the liquids) I had Dimetapp in my hand (nighttime cold and cough) and put it back b/c Benadryl D allergy/sinus is the exact same but twice the potency so only 1tsp needed rather than 2tsp, and made it way cheaper. But on the Benadryl site, it says they do not test so they don't add gluten ingredients, but there could be due to manufacturing. I also called the manufacturer of Triaminic becasue I have som ein my cabinet- both orange cold/allergy liquid and the purple nightime cold/cough liquid. I was told the same thing, no gluten, but they cannot say about manufacturing because they do not test their procucts.

What do you experienced moms do with this issue----- do you safely use products that are gluten free but are not TESTED for the presense of gluten?

I have not opened the Benadryl cold/sinus-- was curious your thoughts on this, or if you moms have suggestions on using a safe cold medication- is Dimetapp better, for example?

I do not want to be in the kitchen trying to fgure out what to give my sick kid at 2am, which is why I was trying to get some safe products today!

I use Ricolla drops for my 8 year old as well, and at least their site says no gluten in any of their products!

I do not usually use medications on my kids, but I like to be prepared- last spring my kids got hand, foot and mouth diesase and I tell you what, my 4 year old was about as sick as they come, even had 2 ER visits. It was bad and I was glad I had what I needed- you just never know and I like to know that my products are safe- I have verified them for myself (also celiac) but my products are a bit simpler- I use ibuprofen/Sudafed (Walgreens brand labeled gluten-free, behind the coutner) and Benadryl ( I buy Walgreens brand which is labeled gluten-free) when sick!


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So, Tylenol replies that the gluten information for Children's Tylenol is not available, and they no longer have a gluten free list. They state that their testing used to be performed by an outside laboratory using the ELISA test kit, this only related to the products that they had tested. Which does not include the Tylenol.

I guess I will return that and keep searching for a gluten free alternative, or give up and use only ibuprofen if my kiddos get sick or fever.

Anyone out there have a comment, surely you have safe meds at home you have found!



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Yes, Dimetapp and Benadryl are on the list there (although they don't test)

Sometimes that's the best we can get from a manufacturer. I do use Benedryl occasionally without a problem.


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So there I was at Target today, and saw their brand of nighttime cold stuff (same as Triamic, Dimetapp, and the Benadryl cold/sinus stuff I had bought- all same ingredients. Only this Target brand, big green gluten free label! And it was under three bucks! So I returned the other stuff to my Walgreens and saved $16.

Lesson learned! You never do know! After the response from Tylenol and the lack of anything labeled or verified gluten free, I am likely to just stick to the gluten free ibuprofen I also purchased from the Target brand for my kiddos!


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    • WOW.  That looks eerily familiar.  Last December the temporary provider here at my local (rural) clinic gave me doxycycline to experiment with, but it was a mere ten milligrams.  Lol, no wonder it didn't help!  I'm glad you're feeling better.
    • I got cross contaminated some time ago & the rash came back pretty badly. I've attached a photo taken on June 11th of my back. It was also in my scalp, around my neck, on my front, shoulders, inner wrists and more.   Tonight I am not itching at all! I haven't itched all day long!!!! I can't take Dapsone because I'm allergic to sulfa drugs & Dapsone is a sulfa drug. Obviously that means I also can't take any of the other sulfa drugs that are used to treat dh after Dapsone is not an option. After those comes tetracycline. I really needed some relief! I began researching the dosage & particulars on tetracycline for dh. Extensive & exhaustive research did not pan out. The best I could find was treating Bullous phemphigoid. That said something like 500mg of tetracycline 4 times per day and about an equal amount of niacinimide. I really didn't want to take that much medication and in such strong doses. So my doctor (my PC doc) & I began experimenting. We tried Doxycycline 100mg twice a day. It seemed to be helping some but it just wasn't enough. Then we upped it to 200mg Doxycycline twice per day. It has taken about 5 days of that & I sit here not itching all day for the first time in a long, long time! This may not work for everyone. I did want to post it though as it is, at present, working for me. I am not thrilled at taking it but I have toughed this rash out before for years with no meds and I just couldn't do it again.
    • I laughed out loud at the 'little notebook' comment!😂 It has been interesting to see how much progress has actually been made over the past 10 years that there is even a notebook to be offered or a restaurant to eat in that will accommodate our 'allergy'. 10 years ago I feared that I would never eat in a restaurant again.  But the notebook comment is spot on.  Hopefully within the next 10 years restaurants will evolve enough to offer us a menu that clearly lists the delicious and extensive offerings that they have lovingly prepared just for us...and not just an ingredient list with nutritional values that take longer to read than War and Peace.   I am grateful that there are places to go that at least make the effort.  Who knows?  Eventually there may be restaurants which will have to offer menus with GLUTEN options available!
    • Thanks for posting this Adrien, it's a great list and I and others will appreciate the effort and the thought behind it. I loved my time in Malaysia and I'm glad I sampled all the food I could whilst I was still on an unrestricted diet. The good thing is that, like you say, some of the nice Malay foods are still ok. As a backpacker I survived on a lot of nasi goreng and laksa, nice to think if I return there I could still do the same Terima kasih!
    • I have posted on here before. DQ2, brother with celiac, DGP iGA was the only mildly elevated test. Was gluten-free so did 6 week challenge last winter. Negative biopsy. I am gluten-free now but do go out to eat. Prior to the challenge my health was good. Since then I have: Chest pain, pain between shoulder blades, periods of shortness of breath, heart palpitations, one instance of a heart arrythmia episode, neck is tender to touch on one side (they kept saying sinuses or TMJ which my dentist vetoed) ear ache, bowels never sink. Numbness and tingling. Blood pressure variations. Could be doing chores and feel dizzy and it might be 84/52.  not super low, but not typical for me if I'm running around the house.While other days I am mildly hypertensive. Recently lost 5 lbs in 8 days without trying. Recently electrolytes were low, alkaline phosphatese was low. Ferritin started dropping so started liquid iron 2-3 times per day 4 months ago. Primary watching that, I am not anemic but we are nowhere near iron overload either.  GI doc was a dick. Did not even know DGP replaced older tests and he was very condescending When I begged him for help recently and told me to get a second opinion which is exactly what I plan on doing.  I now have pain in my upper GI area. It is tender to touch. I had my gallbladder out in 97 along with a stone and infection in my bile duct. It hurts in this area. Pancreatic enzymes look fine, liver enzymes fine. Pancreatic ultrasound fine. I will now be doing a EUS Soon to look at bile duct, pancreas and liver.   so a typical day for me is that I might feel fine for a while and then suddenly feel like I'm going to pass out. really dizzy, numbness in odd places, like my body has been hijacked. I will typically eat a bunch of food something high protein and in about an hour or so I start to feel better. However, then my upper stomach starts to hurt in place of the passing out feeling. blood sugars are also normal. After getting the " it must be panic attacks" and condescending looks a million times my primary finally ordered an ultrasound of my sore neck and there is an abnormality in my thyroid which she says looks like possibly Hashti's. Except for one time, all my serum TSH tests were normal. We have more blood work on Monday. As I have not put on any weight and there are other symptoms that are closer to Graves.  Has anyone else had any thyroid issues that followed doing a gluten challenge?  where is your stomach pain? Do you have it above or below your belly button? Mine feels like it's in the pancreas area, like 2-3 inches above the belly button and when I push on it it's tender, but not all the time. sometimes i feel it in my back. 
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