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Kids Cold/pain Products!

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This process is infuriating!! I spent an HOUR and 20 minutes at Walgreens going up and down the isle, reading labels and searching on my phone for gluten free cold meds/etc for children. I want to have my cabinet ready for cold season, we've already had a couple sniffles circulate! I get ibuprofen at Target (their brand) that is clearly labeled gluten free, the children's dye free ibuprofen as well. I also verified with the manufacturer on a couple of Target OTC products. I wanted to have some Tylenol on hand even though if my kids have a fever I usually use ibuprofen- there have been occasions when dealing with a high fever or really sick kiddo, that my pediatrician suggests alternating the two. So, I cannot find ANY generic OTC acetemetephen that apepars to be gluten free- I picked up the grape Tylenol children's liquid- I could not verify online but past post searches suggest this is TESTED and IS confimed gluten free?

I also have a list from gluten free drugs, that lists Benadryl and Dimetapp as gluten free. (the liquids) I had Dimetapp in my hand (nighttime cold and cough) and put it back b/c Benadryl D allergy/sinus is the exact same but twice the potency so only 1tsp needed rather than 2tsp, and made it way cheaper. But on the Benadryl site, it says they do not test so they don't add gluten ingredients, but there could be due to manufacturing. I also called the manufacturer of Triaminic becasue I have som ein my cabinet- both orange cold/allergy liquid and the purple nightime cold/cough liquid. I was told the same thing, no gluten, but they cannot say about manufacturing because they do not test their procucts.

What do you experienced moms do with this issue----- do you safely use products that are gluten free but are not TESTED for the presense of gluten?

I have not opened the Benadryl cold/sinus-- was curious your thoughts on this, or if you moms have suggestions on using a safe cold medication- is Dimetapp better, for example?

I do not want to be in the kitchen trying to fgure out what to give my sick kid at 2am, which is why I was trying to get some safe products today!

I use Ricolla drops for my 8 year old as well, and at least their site says no gluten in any of their products!

I do not usually use medications on my kids, but I like to be prepared- last spring my kids got hand, foot and mouth diesase and I tell you what, my 4 year old was about as sick as they come, even had 2 ER visits. It was bad and I was glad I had what I needed- you just never know and I like to know that my products are safe- I have verified them for myself (also celiac) but my products are a bit simpler- I use ibuprofen/Sudafed (Walgreens brand labeled gluten-free, behind the coutner) and Benadryl ( I buy Walgreens brand which is labeled gluten-free) when sick!


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So, Tylenol replies that the gluten information for Children's Tylenol is not available, and they no longer have a gluten free list. They state that their testing used to be performed by an outside laboratory using the ELISA test kit, this only related to the products that they had tested. Which does not include the Tylenol.

I guess I will return that and keep searching for a gluten free alternative, or give up and use only ibuprofen if my kiddos get sick or fever.

Anyone out there have a comment, surely you have safe meds at home you have found!



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Yes, Dimetapp and Benadryl are on the list there (although they don't test)

Sometimes that's the best we can get from a manufacturer. I do use Benedryl occasionally without a problem.


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So there I was at Target today, and saw their brand of nighttime cold stuff (same as Triamic, Dimetapp, and the Benadryl cold/sinus stuff I had bought- all same ingredients. Only this Target brand, big green gluten free label! And it was under three bucks! So I returned the other stuff to my Walgreens and saved $16.

Lesson learned! You never do know! After the response from Tylenol and the lack of anything labeled or verified gluten free, I am likely to just stick to the gluten free ibuprofen I also purchased from the Target brand for my kiddos!


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    • They are big on selling books -. They try to spam a lot forums and FB groups. why can't you eat nuts, nut flours, quinoa, hummus and beans? I think I missed that. Those are a good source of protein.  If you can't digest lactose look for a lactose free cheese - like one made from yogurt. at first,I thought life was over.  But with a few years of experience, I have found it isn't that big of a deal. It helps to have an attitude of "I am not here for the food.  I am here for the wine ( or the company . ). Also helps to not care what people think - "I don't care if you think it's odd that I brought my own lunch to the funeral luncheon. "( And it helps that my lunch looks better than theirs lol.)
    • Gracey, It am a mother and I am going to give you some  valuable advice.  You need to keep and document everything related to your health.  Every lab test result, notes from your doctor's visits, etc.  Why?  Because only you are your best health advocate (except for your mom).  Doctors come and go, but it is up to you to manage your health.   When I changed insurance and doctors, I had copies of all my medical records in hand.  My new PCP was impressed.  There was no doubt that I had celiac disease, fractures, Hashimoto's and diabetes, anemia, etc.  I had physical proof.  As an result, she was quick to refer me to a new GI  and order tests to measure my progress  (e.g bone scans).  My family health history chart helped not just me, but other family members.   So, find out if biopsies were taken during your endoscopy.  Get the pathologist's report.  See if your doctor checked for other issues besides celiac disease.   Hugs!  
    • I don't do grieving, bad enough for something that's been taken away in the past but to know my future is pretty much gone now just feels too much. The only time I've forgot about the unfolding nightmare was during my hour or so of sport so need to cling onto that at the moment or I fear going to a very dark place indeed. Yup that SCD site is terrifying, still can't make up my mind if they're giving out useful information to genuinely help people or using scare tactics to sell their books etc. 
    • I agree with all the advice you have been given.  It is excellent!   I just want to add that things will get better.  There is a huge grieving process to go through.  Do not fight it.  You have a right to grieve as your health and lifestyle will change, but you will adapt!  Exercise gently until you feel a bit better.  There is plenty of time to exercise hard later.  Taken this advice from a gal who just rode 40 miles (no biggie you say) this morning  on her bike through the Santa Ana winds (better known as the Devil's winds!).  But I am three years into my recovery.  I took it easy the first six months because I was anemic.  I teach few exercise classes, bike, swim and run and I am in my 50's.   The SCD website?  It can scare the (bleep) out of you.  There was one point that I took from the site and that was to stick to whole nourishing foods.  No rocket science -- just common sense.    
    • Thanks for the replies so far everyone, much appreciated Great, another doctor gets it wrong, how many more times can they make a mess of this diagnosis process?! Bloating had gone down a bit in these first few days of cutting the gluten so I guess expect that to come back. It's one way to have a farewell tour of the gluten foods I guess - if a little or a lot makes no difference may as well go all-in... The doctors didn't diagnose this at all, Google did. If I trusted in the health professionals I'd be blaming the symptoms all on stress and having counselling for it whilst the fire raged on inside me due to a clinical condition they'd missed. Just glad one of doctors agreed to run the test on second time of asking to keep me quiet as much as anything. Believe me I've read that newbie thread multiple times, as well as numerous others around the web. Been doing nothing but since Tuesday when the blood test results came back and each time I go into the comments sections a little bit more of me gives up inside. Seems so many don't ever heal and so many associated complications too. The reality looks bleak apart from a lucky few it seems. In the nicest possible way the vegetarian choice is non-negotiable, it's a core part of what I believe and the thought of eating any form of animal \ fish flesh would make me physically sick (sorry meat eaters) so will have to find some way around it, how I don't know yet. Perhaps lots of this... The cooking bit is a concern as it's something none of us do well at home, adds to the feeling of being completely lost right now. I kick myself for the decision that lead to the stress as I could've avoided all this. The only thing I can cling onto there is that I was having some pains in the side before that time which I blamed on a muscle strain... maybe that was the early stages, in which case I could feel a bit better knowing it had just come on gradually. With the biopsy and gluten from what I read the villi take a long time to heal up so they'd still see that. With the blood test result as definitive as it was surely the disease is pretty much confirmed? How can it heal enough for non eating gluten to throw a biopsy result yet on the flip side take over a year to heal (that sounds like the best case scenario time-wise from what I've read). Not suggesting anyone is wrong for one second but need to understand how that works with what's going on inside to make any sense of this situation.
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