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How GliadinX Saved My Mom on Thanksgiving

Image: CC--TheCulinaryGeek 12/09/2017 - For those of you who haven't yet heard about GliadinX, it is a dietary supplement with the highest concentration of AN-PEP, Prolyl Endopeptidase (Aspergillus Niger), and, unlike other enzymes, these have been shown in studies to break down gluten in the stomach.

I've been using them regularly for months, and I tend to take them whenever I eat out, or eat at a friend's house, so basically whenever I don't have control over my food's preparation. Since I began doing this I haven't had any incidents of upset stomach, which are my typical symptoms if I get any cross contamination. However, it is hard to prove a negative...after all, perhaps I haven't had any issues because all of the food I ate was 100% gluten-free...right?

I will now describe a recent glutening incident that involved none other than my Mother, who visited us this past Thanksgiving. How this could happen in my home, after all I'm the owner of, is an embarrassing but true story which I will share here in the hope that it will help you avoid my errors, and perhaps give you a way to recover should something similar ever happen.

My brother brought over three pies for Thanksgiving dessert, one was a gluten-free apple pie, and the other two were pumpkin pies: one was gluten-free, but the other was not. What could go wrong, right? My brother's reasoning for bringing a non gluten-free pie into my house was pretty basic: several of the guests were not on a gluten-free diet, so he wanted to offer them what they were used to.

What you need to know about my Mother is that she's very gluten sensitive. A tiny amount of gluten leaves her wrecked for days. I think you probably know where I'm going here, but basically everyone was busy socializing, eating, or cleaning while dessert was being served, and a friend grabbed a piece of the gluten-containing pumpkin pie (she assumed that if it was in MY house it was gluten-free) and handed it to my Mother. After she swallowed two bites we realized the mistake, but it was too late. My Mother had the look of horror on her face as she realized that the rest of her trip to California was probably ruined.

I immediately flew into action and gave her several capsules of GliadinX, which she took with lots of water. We carried on with the evening, and I checked in with her over the next couple of hours. Amazingly she didn't have any noticeable symptoms or issues, but she was still certain that they were coming, and that she wouldn't get any sleep and would feel horrible the next day. Remarkably, none of her worries came true. She slept fine, and woke up feeling great. We were both amazed because any past similar incidents always ended badly for her.

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Suffice it to say that my Mother now keeps a bottle of GliadinX with her all the time...just in case!

--by Scott Adams


Many people have asked how they can order this product, so we've included a "Buy Now" link below to order them directly from the manufacturer:



 >> Click Here To Order GliadinX <<


Sources: Scientific publications on AN-PEP enzymes: welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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4 Responses:

Charlene Ratzinger
Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
20 Dec 2017 11:12:27 AM PST
I bought a bottle of Gliadin X and do the same thing, always take one when I eat out anywhere. So far so good! I would certainly recommend them also!

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
11 Jan 2018 3:29:42 PM PST
Hey Scott, you said your mother is highly sensitive/allergic to gluten. Are her reactions to contamination like violent vomiting, unable to move, unable to talk, etc., to the point that she would wind up in the ER,? I unfortunately had that happen to me 3 days before this past Christmas. Again! I ask this as I am so leary of anything that sounds too good to be true. I don't go out to eat anymore because of my truly severe reactions to gluten. Hope your Mom continues to be OK!

Scott Adams
( Author)
said this on
12 Jan 2018 2:05:05 PM PST
Although she would not need to go to the emergency room (what could the ER do for you for gluten ingestion anyway? Just curious.), she would be unable to leave home for a few days, and would be feeling poorly for longer. If you never eat out and always prepare your own food, you probably don't need this (although there is still some risk, even with products marked "gluten-free.")

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
15 Jan 2018 7:05:54 AM PST
Interesting to see another product that works. I have been doing the same, taking enzymes whenever I have a meal out to ward off a cross contamination reaction, for close to 10 years. I have posted about it on the forums but people poo poo it. However when I go on vacation with my mom and give her the enzymes every meal and force her to order gluten free by the end of the week a disheveled, tired, confused person becomes sparkly, sharp dressing, and greeted me on the last day of the trip by doing deep knee bends. I used to use Gluten Ease but as I got older I switched to Digest Spectrum. Will have to look at trying this one also.

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