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Main Causes of Flattened Villi

The following is a list of causes of flattened villi which was published in a book titled Coeliac Disease by W. T. Cooke and G. K. Holmes, published by Churchill Livingstone, Medical Division of Longman Group Limited (1984). Celiacs on a gluten-free diet (for a prolonged period) who continue to have flatten villi may be want to look for other causes to their problem. Keep in mind that some of the items listed rarely cause flatened villi, and are usually found in conjunction with Celiac Disease or immuno-deficiencies.

  • Coeliac Disease
  • Cows Milk Protein Intolerance
  • Soy Protein Intolerance
  • Refractory Sprue
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gelatin and glue on prolonged heating with water.'); return false">Collagenous Sprue
  • Immunodefiency Synodromes
  • Mediterranean Lymphoma
  • Intestinal Ulceration
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Intractable Diarrhoea of Infancy
  • Protein Calorie Malnutrition
  • Kwashiorkor
  • Tropical Sprue
  • Parasitic Disease:
    • Giardiasis
    • Strongyloidiasis
    • Coccidiosis
    • Intestinal Capillariasis
    • Hookworm Disease
  • Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
  • Contaminated Bowel Syndrome
  • Drug and Radiation Damage
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    In the rare instance that "modified food starch" is made from wheat, it will say so in the ingredients or Contains statement. If you wonder what it is made from, email or call and ask. I think its usually corn or potato Progresso is part of a large company. they would not label something gluten-free unless they know it is. Its a law in the US and Canada.

    Progresso soup check the label on their gluten free products, modified food starch is not gluten free.

    A recent issue of JAMA, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) critically examines screening for celiac disease in asymptomatic adults, adolescents, and children. Celiac disease exhibits a broad spectrum of symptoms, from subtle or no symptoms to severe malabsorption. Celiac diagnoses have increased significantly over the past few decades, in part because of greater awareness, but possibly because of an actual increase in disease rates. Researchers estimate current rates of celiac disease at 0.71% among US adults, and 0.76% among US children. View the full article

    I have notice that I am sick much less often.

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the answers. I'm waiting to hear back from her dr and then we will go from there. If the dr doesn't think the results show anything then I will get a second opinion thanks to everything that has been shared on here. I will make sure and not change her diet for now. I am planning on getting tested myself, I have had suspicions since last summer that I could have it. I have a form of autoimmune arthritis, just unclear exactly what it is at this time. I going to ask to be tested for celiac at my next appt though.