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Celiac Disease Prevalence High in Patients with Crohn's Disease
Scott Adams

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By Scott Adams
Published on 06/30/2005
Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2005 Jul;11(7):662-666. Celiac.com 06/30/2005 – Researchers in Italy have

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2005 Jul;11(7):662-666.

Celiac.com 06/30/2005 – Researchers in Italy have determined that those with Crohns disease also have a high prevalence of celiac disease. Their study evaluated 27 consecutive patients who were diagnosed with Crohns disease—13 were men and 14 were women, with a mean age of 32.3 years. Each patient was screened for celiac disease using antigliadin, antiendomysium, and antitransglutaminase blood antibody tests, and the sorbitol H2 breath test. If either the blood or breath test was positive, the patients were given a small bowel biopsy for final confirmation.

The results of the celiac disease screening of the 27 Crohns patients:
Positive antigliadin – 8 - 29.63%
Positive antiendomysium – 4 - 14.81%
Positive antitransglutaminase – 5 - 18.52%
Positive sorbitol H2 – 11 - 40.74%
Positive biopsy – 5 of 11 - 18.52% Crohns patients studied

The researchers conclude that there is a high prevalence of celiac disease in those with Crohns disease, and that all patients who are diagnosed with Crohns disease should begin a gluten-free diet at the time of diagnosis.