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Colonoscopy, Igg Food Intolerance, And Feeling Ick



I ordered a home IgG food Intolerance kit from a medical/home-health supplier, and I was shocked at the results (and suggest anyone getting one! If I could I'd get the one that tested for more intolerances, but it was too $$$) Anyway, the test was for 21 foods - Gluten, Wheat (excluding Gluten), Oat (excluding Gluten), Rice, Whole Milk, Whole Egg, Shell Fish Mix (Shrimp, Crab, Prawn, Lobster, Muscle) Nut mix (Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Peanut) Soya Bean, Cocoa Bean, Mushroom, Yeast, Chicken, & Beef

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My results showed I had a High Intolerance to: Whole Milk & Whole Egg


a Medium Intolerance:

Cocoa Bean, Wheat (Non-Gluten)


and a Slight Intolerance to:

Gluten, Rice, Shell Fish, Nut mix, Soya Bean, Yeast


I wonder though, is there a such thing as a "slight" intolerance? I mean, it's read by how dark/light the blue dot is, and if there is no blue dot, then there's no intolerance. That kind of sounds like how pregnancy tests are done - yet there is no "slightly" pregnant, lol :unsure:


In other words, I had a colonoscopy yesterday. I feel icko - bloated, in pain (they took 3 biopsies), and I am having major tummy problems. I tried eating "normal" food today, and within 10 minutes I had the big "d" and I was throwing up. Yea, not so smart of me :blink: Well, the doc said they'd have my results in about a week, but everything "appeared" pretty normal.


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A "medium" or "slight" intolerance is a curious way of describing the human body's [i]unconscious[/i] (and perhaps symptomless) allergic reaction to a substance. A test that gives such results is only a snapshot of what was going on in the body at the time the test was completed. Hence, you could well be among the larger population of celiacs whose diet should exclude all wheat, barley, rye and their cultivars--and not be among the tiny population of those who have a true wheat allergy.

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