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Coffee! ( Liver Help )



This is something to help sufferers - it helps me, and it's widely reported to help others, so i'm sharing it with you:

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Fresh-roasted coffee, fresh-brewed, (organic, fair-trade, etc)

A 10-cup espresso maker (50ml x 10, 500ml)

Two passes of water (same coffee-grounds, first pass strong, second is weak).

A combo hot-water-bottle enema kit (ask for it at the pharmacy if it's not up-front)


Wait for the coffee to cool to ~35 centigrade

Place it in a jar, in water in the sink, and fill the sink with cold water, to help it cool rapidly.

Use an electronic thermometer, or a standard glass-type, to check.


Have a towel on the floor you do not mind getting coffee on.

Use a little oil and kneel down, shoulders-down, to administer,

and then transfer to your right-side, continuing to stay down, laying down.

Stay like this for 10-15 minutes ideally, however:


If the first time, you might have to run to the bathroom,

And then repeat it if you could not retain the first. It is important to retain at least the second one (you will have to brew as above, all over again)


> Do this daily, twice a day is fine,

> Retain for at least 10 minutes, longer is fine.

> Just plain coffee. The only additive that helps is a teaspoon of bittersalz (epsomite, or nigari are roughly the same) and a teaspoon of sea salt.

> I get green beans and self-roast. They last a long time while green (good shelf-life) and I know how fresh they are.



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