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Meal Ideas What To Eat?




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    • By Ennis_TX in Daily Life and Compromising
      So since the cold front rolled in last month my allergies have left me coughing up stuff, congestion and sinus pressure, this happens every year.
      Well Sunday I was doing chest/shoulder workouts with butterflys and DB presses, and I started coughing and heard a pop then extreme pain. Monday I went to my massage therapist thinking I pulled a muscle...she told me to go see a doctor. SO yesterday I went to see the doctor and he thinks I dislocated a rib (huh?). So I had 7 xrays done and was giving some strong pain pills and stuff for my allergies and waiting to hear back. The pain is debilitating, coughing, deep breaths, or moving a certain way feels like someone driving a knife under my shoulder blade between my ribs and out my chest then twisting it.

      On to my good news, I went to a reptile expo Saturday, and started talking to breeders and sellers about getting a uromastyx a 16"-30" (between the Egyptian and red/yellow versions) vegetarian mild mannered desert lizard. I learned no one has actually imported or had success breeding the Egyptian uromastyx in a few years, and the entire imported stock this year of red/yellows has came in sick and dying and all the breeders I talked to had lost all their stock.  SO looking at other options of something that eats food I can get a grocery store, I found a breeder with Black & White Tegu Morph that was bred to be smaller, and I got a female one. She is black and white and I ended up calling her Xenia (dad called her that and she responds to it). She is currently 6" long and a picky eater only eating raw ground meats. I am still getting her used to me, putting used head band in her hiding area so she associates my smell with safety and not directly handling her yet just sitting next to her enclosure and talking to her and sometimes putting my hand inside to see if she will approach.
      They are a omnivorous lizards and her version should get 2.5-3 feet long. They mostly eat meats, organ meats, and some veggies/fruit, pretty much anything I can get at a grocery store and pretty much my diet lol. I was told by the breeder to give her dog food to supplement but she keeps picking out the canned dog food from the ground meats and only eating the meat. She seems to be settling in slowly as a new family member.

      Speaking on family....my family is opting to leave me alone again for Thanksgiving and helping out cooking the community thanksgiving dinner at the church (this has been their thing since my grandma on my moms side and my grandpa on my dads side died and the family stopped meeting up for holidays) I am donating 9 pound cakes, 1 lemon loaf, and 10 dozen gluten free/diabetic friendly cookies (this is great as my church provides the thanksgiving dinners to the local nursing homes)
      I am sending half my leftovers to my parents though as they are diabetic and can not eat anything but the turkey and green beans from the church meals. I actually use my grandmothers dressing recipe with my Paleo herb bread made with poultry seasoning (in my recipe blog if you want to make your own just use 2tbsp dry poultry seasoning in it and no need to add more to the dressing) to make a low carb dressing, and made a bunch of desserts and low carb casserole and rolls. Doing something special and smoking the turkey this year.
      I really have mixed feelings about the holidays but at least I have Xenia the Tegu to spend it with this year lol.
    • By Ennis_TX in Daily Life and Compromising
      For thanksgiving this year I injected and smoked a turkey, the meat was wonderful. I also did dressing again, my green bean casserole with the french onions made in a air fryer, and mock apple cobbler out of chayote squash.

      My bakery/catering business donated 140 cookies, 9 loafs of pound cakes, a lemon loaf cake, mock apple cobblers to my churches community Thanksgiving Dinner. All Gluten Free, Paleo, and Keto, they were the only diabetic friendly desserts and most everything was taken.

      The Mock Apple Cobbler was great I used 3 different takes on it to get the texture and sauce right with a custom recipe. I need to remake it again to be sure of it before I make it a feature in my bakery. (recipe available by message only)
      The Green bean casserole onions inspired a new sauce recipe, 4 renditions in I actually succeeded in making a almost perfect knock off of the dip Outback Steak House serves with their blooming onion (To be Posted Soon).. It also inspired a new mushroom soup recipe I am trying to get right.

      Left Overs, I packed the dressing up into silicone ice cube trays yesterday so I will have freezer bags of measured cubes I can just microwave and serve. I am also portion packing turkey. As for the extra cobblers, I have a crazy idea to make a type of empanada or poptart with the mix after pulsing in a food processor.

      Black Friday, I ended up blowing all this months income...not on items but on food, bars and supplements lol.
      I got some wonderful Coffees from Christopher Bean Coffee on sale.
      I got a few stacks of Califlour Foods Plant Based Italian Crust at 30% off.
      I got bags of Paleo/Keto Granola, Meal Bars for Emergencies, and Egg white protein powder from Julian Bakery
      Vitacost had 30% off $50 orders, so I made several stocking up on Liquid Health B-vitamins, Pumpkin Protein, Sunflower Protein, Vitamin-D, Jerky Snacks, Primal Palate Dip Mixes, Parma Vegan Parmesan, Coconut Wraps, and a few other things.
      Stoka Bars had some Keto bars on sale so I got a case.
      I got myself a treat and got 3 bottles of BeMixed Margarita Mix (no calorie no BS ingredients) with 30% off and free shipping.
      Wish I had more money to get a few other things,

      Xenia my new emotional support animal (Argentine Black & White Tegu) is still getting used to me, I have not handled her since I got her. Your supposed to just put worn clothing in their hide and enclosure so they get used to your smell, and actually avoid traumatizing handling til they get used to your presence/smell and settled in. I tried feeding her canned dog food like the breeder suggested but she wants none of that lol. Picky eater and loves raw extra lean hamburger, and raw or soft boiled eggs. She is smart and will literally pick out the meat from the dog food and ignore the beef if I put her vitamins in it. BUT I can sneak in her vitamins and calcium supplements in raw egg beating them in. I will be getting some new bedding for her in early/mid December. The cypress mulch I was going to get is sold out at the local stores guess gardening is a spring thing. I am ordering the better coconut based bedding on amazon. I am wondering if I need to get her a humidifier as the air is really dry this time of year here and she needs around 70%. I am putting soaked paper towels in the enclosure few times a day til they dry up. I am also still trying to find the perfect temps for her and getting a better temp gun to check them.
    • By Ennis_TX in Gluten Free and Specialty Diet Recipes
      So this year I decided to go special first I am Spatchcocking the Turkey so it cooks faster (Cutting out the spine and splaying the turkey open so there is no internal cavity and it cooks faster). Second I am smoking this bird over hickory and injecting it to keep it moist, I will cover my rubs, and injection in this post so others have a reference.
      Turkey is a Butterball Naturals 14lb, be sure to remove the giblets, neck, and the plastic thing holding the legs together

      After cutting off the spine, tail, and some other bits (these are boiled with poultry seasoning, and celery for a stock to be made into a gravy), I first dried the turkey with paper towels, sprayed with a safe oil then sprinkled Paleo AIP Powder all over it inside the cavity and out, I then used a homemade BBQ poultry/pork rub to bring out the BBQ flavor
      1/4 Cup (50g) Swerve Brown
      1tbsp Sea Salt
      3 tsp Black Pepper
      3 tsp Smoked Paprika
      2 tsp Garlic Powder
      2 tsp Onion Powder
      1 tsp Ground Mustard Powder
      Pulsed this in a tiny food processor and sprinkled it all over the turkey inside the cavity and out

      Now for the injection to keep it moist,
      16oz Swanson Chicken Cooking Stock (unsalted and unseasoned)
      1 tbsp Salt
      2 tbsp Lea & Perry Low Sodium Worcestershire Sauce
      2 tbsp Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos
      1 tbsp Liquid Smoke Hickory (If smoking the turkey)
      2 tsp Garlic Powder
      2 tsp Onion Powder
      Simmer this in a small pot til the salt dissolves, then inject in the breast, wings, legs, etc using about 1/3-1/2 depending on turkey size (PLUMP that sucker up),
      Take the leftovers and add in 8 oz Butter Sub (I mixed it up with Miyoko European Styled Butter), poultry seasoning herbs (I used 1-2 twigs each fresh sage, rosemary, thyme) and simmer for 10-15 mins and use this for your baste

      I used a temp probe in the breast, and smoked it over hickory chunks basting every 30mins til it started turning a dark color then covered in foil to finish. I smoked it 4 hours sitting on the grill directly with a drip tray under, then had to move inside due to rain, Finished it a extra hour foil covered in the oven at 350F in a pan til it reached 160, I killed the oven and it kept going up to 165F, I then rested the turkey for 2-3 hours before carving.
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