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Growing Like A Champ

Celiac Ninja


The little dude is 3 weeks and 10 lbs. already :o Which is fast. He's smiling, making valiant efforts at holding up his head and frowning at everything that is perplexing. Very cute stuff. So far he's breast feed 90% of a full 24 hours and the other is formula (similac "advanced" formula). The similac supposedly is suggested as a gluten free on this site by people who have looked into it, but the can does not say gluten free. I want to contact the company and get their word for it but others have tried and were given somewhat of a run around. But altogether, baby doesn't have bad reactions when similac is in diet. He is doing really well.

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As for the circumcision, my husband and I wanted it done based on Biblical teachings which we respect, but we did not know there were three types of circumcision. We were refered to a pediatrition by someone who didn't know him and I unfortunatly didn't do my research! :P Pooies on me! So baby got the most invasive and frightening type of circumcision the Gomco method, which I hate, and was is such pain (even on three types of pain killers which I also didn't like to have him shot up like that) he screamed and tried to pull himself out of the restraints so badly that he passed out a few times. It was the most horrific thing I've ever seen done to a child and it was my own. :( I cried as much as he did, dady nearly passed out. But who cares how daddy felt, baby was totally two weeks old and going through serious tramatic pain. Worst decision and hopefully the last worst decision we will ever make for him. The Mogen style is the quickest and usually bloodless.



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