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I Cheated



Tonight my mom decided to go to Church's and bring home a bucket full of fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and biscuits. Needless to say I totally fell of the wagon and now I'm paying for it not even 2 hours later. However, that mac-n-cheese was amazing after not having it in over a year.

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So now I'm just lying here researching magic ways online to ease my symptoms and of course there's really nothing I can do other than to rest, stay hydrated, and let it run its course. I need a magic pill or something.


On the bright side, the intense craving went away (even though it is replaced by pain) now that I've got my fill of the yummy evil gluten.



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Does your mom see how bad you feel? Make sure she does.

And that wasn't even really good mac and cheese! If you are going to get sick....eat the good stuff - not fast food!

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I agree. Why would your mom bring that food into the house?

My mom goes off of the thinking that while I may have limitations to food, she does not and doesn't have to accommodate me. I just wish I was stronger and could say no to these food items when they are brought home. Instead I usually cave and eat the bad stuff:/

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Next time, try to make your own chicken. Use King Aurthers Gluten free flour mix seasoned with your own added choice of seasonings (I use onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper) Soak the chicken in milk or egg or a combo (I use egg, but some folks say milk) and then coat with flour and fry in oil. It's not Churches but if you fry it right it will get crispy and it's yummie. It's even better deep fried on legs or wings. (then I would use a almond milk to soak the chicken before cooking it) and either take some tinkyada penne and make mac and cheese or get Glutino's or Amy's at the store.

Whenever I get a craving I plan out what I want and make it. Normally it works, if it doesn't I will keep trying till it does. That way no wagon to fall off ;) Hope you feel better soon!

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