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5 Lbs In One Week? Okay Maybe I Really Shouldn't Be Surprised

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As many of you may know, and many may not know, I had a baby just under 4 months ago. I lost all my pregnancy weight gain pretty quickly since I was so sick during my pregnancy that I didn't gain much weight. But before I got pregnant, I had about 20 lbs of excess weight for some unexplained reason. Now, I'm trying to lose that excess weight.

However I haven't been able to, despite the fact I've still been sick for MONTHS post partum, and for about a month and a half of those four months pp, I could barely get in one meal a day. FINALLY after a long 13 months (since I was sick the entire time I was pregnant too and people couldn't quite figure out why) a GI diagnosed me with Esophagitis and lactose intolerance. I suspect a casein allergy, but he didn't test for that.

Anyway, I got those results last Monday about 4 pm... And then I cut out dairy entirely, even the things I wasn't so careful to check before then. I also started a lower acid diet for my esophagitis (along with my stronger reflux meds) in hopes that would help.

One week later, I no longer have diarrhea (sp?) from the dairy, I don't feel bloated, my stomach doesn't hurt, I am able to swallow better (that's a slow process though. I still can't swallow my vitamins/mineral supplements very well), I don't have as many sore throats, not as much coughing... And I lost a whopping 5 lbs in a week!

Last time I lost weight that fast, was when I went gluten free. So it really is a miracle the difference that not eating the things your body can't handle makes. I hope I can continue shrugging off the pounds. Dairy free, you know, you're pretty okay! Sure, its taking a lot of work to get used to you, I often so desperately want a milky way or real cheese on my tacos. But if you give me results like this, I think I can handle it.

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Try dairy-free cheese! We have "Daiya" here in Canada

 yeah I've tried it... its good if you forget about 'normal' cheese.  but it doesn't melt on a baked potato the same way and that frustrates me.

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