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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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Its Not Easy Eating Clean... But Its Worth It.

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As you may be aware, I've recently been diagnosed with reflux induced esophagitis. I've been on reflux meds for years, with the exception of when I was pregnant. So I figure its about time to change my diet. No one ever told me that there was a better diet for people with reflux, so I probably just aggravated my symptoms. Looking back, most of the things that bothered me most when I was pregnant are on the reflux no-no list. Now with my esophagitis, I did a little research, and decided its about time to cut out the things that make reflux flare.


I always knew I had a problem with chocolate. I never really quite understood why until now. Tomatoes while I was pregnant drove me INSANE and faithfully I threw them up.


So here's what I cut out that I can remember at the moment:


Orange Juice


Cranberry Juice

Anything tomato related.



Spicy foods

Dairy products (a lot in part cause of my allergy/intolerance)

Many raw fruits and veggies

Bacon (I know sad day!)



My favorite okay foods

Cooked spinach


Those baby puff things, I obsess over the sweet potato flavor

Hummus (with baby carrots or pretzels)

Baked potatoes

Apple Juice


Rice Milk




What I miss?

Honestly there isn't a whole lot I miss. I stopped missing eating the cheap food items almost three years ago when I started eating gluten free, so I don't miss that. What I miss is eating tomatoes and black pepper. I miss some of the spicy foods sure, but honestly there isn't a whole lot of those that I miss. I miss having bacon. And I miss eating spaghetti!


What I don't miss?

This is an easy one. I don't miss the sore throat, the hard time swallowing, the constant feeling of something being stuck in my throat, the heartburn, the days where I feel like I'm gonna die. I don't miss the unexplained coughing either.

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I had a similar list and like magic, no reflux! Great it is working, such a relief, isn't it? Nearly a year in I can handle some fruit again, woooo :). Processed stuff and caffeine and tea are my big no nos. Long may it last x

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I had a similar list and like magic, no reflux! Great it is working, such a relief, isn't it? Nearly a year in I can handle some fruit again, woooo :). Processed stuff and caffeine and tea are my big no nos. Long may it last x


Yeah, I can't help the caffeine intake... But I did cut down on it.  And yeah screw processed food.  I can usually make better anyway



grease-y things


Those two are big triggers for me. Along with chocolate :(


Yeah I cut those out too, much better.  Drives me nuts though cause I love onions.

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