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Symptoms Of Going Gluten Free And Hidradenitis Suppurativa



:) Hello all...My name is Shanna AKA Peach and I am new to this site. I wanted to ask about a few things concerning HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) and other symptoms I have experienced during my 1st week of going gluten free. Like many others with HS I have been to multiple doctors, have taken millions of pills and been offered surgery in an attempt to fix my HS. None of which have worked in my 17 years of suffering from this disgusting and debilitating disease. About a year ago I went gluten free for the first time for about 2 weeks. My HS cleared about 75% immediately... sadly I was tempted by my favorite gluten filled foods and soon began eating gluten again. I always knew deep down the gluten was the problem but wasn't ready for the drastic change. Along with having HS for all of my adult life and half of my childhood, within the past 2 years I have had nausea, vomiting, IBS, stomach pain, fatigue and joint pain for causes unknown to the many doctors I have seen. Last week I decided that I was going to go gluten free again and stick with it for at least a month to see what happens. I have not thrown up once, I have not had diarrhea, and my HS has cleared again about 75%...not to mention a loss of 7lbs simply by going off gluten. Although these things I have mentioned are positive, I have also had some negative side effects as well including but not limited to: facial acne, insomnia, and headaches. I have read that going gluten free effects everyone differently and that some have reported increased acne and insomnia... I guess the reason I am posting is to be re-assured that I should continue on this course of a gluten free life style. I ask that if anyone else has experienced the same side effects that I have mentioned, contact me whether it public or private, and share your experience. I am not going to stop this diet until I am positive it's not the problem. Also, although my HS has cleared significantly, I am still having small breakouts and old lesions have not completely healed. Like I said it has only been a little over a week since I started the diet but the new symptoms are discouraging. Please contact me if you have anything to share. :wub:


Thank you for reading,

Shanna B.

Maryland USA

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Welcome Shanna,


Many of us have unusual symptoms after beginning a gluten free time.  Please do keep it up to become more sure of yourself.  I hope this will help end your symptoms.


I had 30+ years of brain fog and fatigue which began to end when I nearly died.  Supplements helped me to tread water until I finally discovered I have celiac disease.  I have been gluten free for 2 1/2 years now and am feeling much better. After going gluten free, I became dizzy, my feet were in pain, and I had some different rashes.  These went away over time and by various means.


To help you get better I suggest:  Drinking plenty of water, take a multi-vitamin, probiotic, and vitamin B quality supplement.  Get some exercise (gentle if need be).  At first I did squats, push ups and sit-ups.  I began with 1 each and worked my way up to 20.  Keep studying this gluten free diet, since it is easy to make numerous blunders which could have been avoided.  Now, if I accidently get gluten the reaction is so dramatic that I am whole heartedly motivated to keep with the diet.  I hope the same for you.  It drives any doubts away.


Please introduce yourself in Pre-diagnosis, or meet other celiac forum part.  Then, hopefully, you will get more responses.



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