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Dx'd & Getting Re-Tested For Celiac

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Hey, everyone!


So, I went to the doctor's yesterday with my loving boyfriend and I got diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome *sigh* My karyotype tested positive much to my dismay :unsure:


And, also, I tested positive for osteopenia from my dexa scan as well. So, I have to get my bones back into shape so it doesn't progress into fractures and such. Anyone have helpful advice for me? I would appreciate anything!


I have more testing coming up back with my normal clinic, but, it's just double checking things because of my brand new diagnosis. My thyroid tested fine and well as my adrenal glands too so that's good. I was also told that I do have a chance for children so that made me really happy!


Also, I'm being re-tested for Celiac with IgA and IgG testing. My endocrinologist didn't like the other test (which I've posted the results on these forums) or something - that was a confusing part of the appointment.

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I am dealing with stress fractures in my feet.  I had my first operation about 5 weeks ago, and we are sure I have fractures in my other foot.  I have also broken both wrists and elbow at different times but within a month of each other.  I am already in a wheelchair due to strokes for the last 28 years.  I am still going and do not intend to stop, but all I know is that I am not absorbing my vit. D.  I take 200,000 units a week and still am having problems with my D.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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You could try taking some vitamin C with your vitamin D and also some vitamin K2.  Also, eating mackeral, sardines, tuna and salmon can give you some Vitamin D.  Check out the vitamin D council for lots of info.  https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/

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