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A Decade of Determination Pays Off

Carol Frilegh


This will be my shortest blog. After a decade on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I am once again able to eat occasional moderate amounts of restricted sweets and starches with no apparent consequences. Since my celiac disease was never formally diagnosed, I cannot claim it is curable or was cured but it is now six weeks since I resumed eating foods I have not had in ten years as well as foods purported to be cross reactive with Latex Allergy. Ultimately I decided to be very cautious and not push the envelope since the SCD has been enjoyable and a great asset to regaining some resistance to chemical sensitivities. I also developed a real enjoyment of SCD recipes and still prefer many of them over their conventional counterparts. I am not suggesting others digress from their gluten free diets, just reporting what has happened in my case so far. Scott has suggested I monitor my maintenance with periodic blood tests for anti bodies and I plan to investigate that as it makes good sense. Finally, I do feel it is easier to maintain a proper weight with SCD although it is not a weight control program.


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Thanks for sharing your success story with the SCD. Many go gluten free and have a hard time healing because they do not consider other foods. Your story will hopefully be a window for others to get healthier.

All the best,

Dr. O

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After my diagnosis in 2010 I went on the gluten free diet. within several years I found I could no longer tolerate many of the gluten-free items I was used to and embarked last year on AIP diet, I have done further research and and going to start the SCD diet. I cannot believe that I did not see this in all the times that I googled celiac disease. It was only recently that I heard it was the original protocol for celiac!!! How sad! I knew it was helpful for children with autism and that is how I first hear of it and the gaps diet, They seemed so strict and I didn't think they would benefit me like the AIP diet...had no idea as I said about the early days of the diet. I am most likely now dealing with another autoimmune disease as well as arthritis and that is why I thought AIP was a good idea. It was a great diet and I will probably go back to it but I think I now need the other restrictions to truly heal! Thanks for sharing

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