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April Update

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Had a scare few days ago, I thought I developed a almond intolerance, ended up being I can not eat raw almonds that I just chew and eat, roasted I can make into butter or chew and they turn into a "mud" that sinks, raw tend to turn into a floating gritty irritating paste that causes purging, almond flour is fine if baked or soaked over night before being used in a porridge.

I am feeling more motivated about my dream gluten free food truck, paleo menu, seeking a partner to fund and do the paper work side while I just cook and manage the truck. Fundraiser for it never made a dime.

Farmers Market is starting....having some issues, will not be bringing my diary free icecream machine to the market or getting my permits for the first month do to a 4 week probationary period. I am doing the gluten free baked goods, mixes, and almond butter.....frankly I was told I was not welcomed there, that "People come to the market not for the over priced okra but for the experience of shopping at the farmers market" and that my autistic nature of nervous pacing, worried looks, the occasional panic attacks, etc. takes away from the market experience. Other vendors have complained that they think I scare off customers and prevent repeats while not offering much to benefit the market.....

My almost daily D since my last gluten exposure is undoubtedly and regrettably triggered by drinking a bunch of coffee in the morning, I went decaf over a year ago...but now it seems within 2 hours of drinking my 2nd cup in the morning I am on the toilet. I think it is flaring up my UC. NONE of my other gluten symptoms are present so it is just a UC flare....I will try using weaker coffee over the next month, but removing the daily coffee is something I am going to put off for a month til my life is more stable....dealing with the market stress without that comfort could prove to be quite bad.

Infection is being annoying have to drain it daily...and 2 other teeth are giving me issues. I might have to try to see a dentist sooner then later and at least get some damage control done. One tooth cracked last night, I have another with a amalgam filling...with a cavity in the side that is oddly causing my cheek next to it to turn white and blister....was told I need to see a specialty dentist ASAP something about it not being sealed anymore? Fundraiser for it....never got much and my dedicating so much to it each month has gotten my tooth fund to just 140 so far....

In need of a new freezer.....I keep on getting out bid or having issues come up...lost 6 yesterday to one asshat at a auction house sale. I was going after one...almost had it real cheap, he just went over my budget....then proceeded to double my bid on 5 other freezers.....I have NEVER wanted to punch someone that much in a long time. He is obviously a reseller....and a sadist.

I am honestly to the point where I was and am considering buying 6+ cases of Julian Bakery bars...getting several weeks worth of meds together, liquidating assets and buying a motorcycle to just ride and go road trip frack it all....Need a vacation from life lol.

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    • I heard you should put broken teeth in whole milk and then in the fridge.   I cracked off a corner of my back molar recently.  It doesn't show, but I can empathize.  A celiac relative cracked off both of her front teeth.   My Asperger sense of humor says it's time to go shopping for a grill!  Maybe adding a calcium supplement to balance out the magnesium will help.  The body leeches calcium out of teeth and bones when it needs more.   Egads, that mak...
    • Ugh!  I am so sorry!  I just cracked a tooth (vertical) on either a macadamia nut or mint chip ice cream.   I hope the crown does the trick or the tooth is lost.  I did the same years ago with a raw carrot.   No hard stuff for me!  I hope you can get it fixed or at least protect it for a while.  
    • Sub your cheese with Miyoko or Kite hill versions. I normally eat omelettes, quiches, dairy free and grain free homemade baked goods, stir fry, soups, stews, grain free bread with avocado, almond, or sun butter on them, salads, nutmeal porridge, I often serve up steaks, ribs, fish, crab cakes grain free, etc for my family. Califlour foods Plant based crust is grain and diary free, miyoko vegan mozz, some sauce and toppings and pizza, might try a daiya pizza if you can...
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    • Yes on the nightmares. Usually I know I am Celiac and my family gives me food but it has gluten in it and I am furious. That has never happened and they arensuper supportive to the point my home is gluten free so go figure. As for food allergies and inollerences. I had blood tests for food but they are 50% accurate at best. I never had these before going gluten free but while healing for many years I had countless intollerences. I ended up on an elimination diet...
    • Just saw these comments. Started B12 and iron. Nothing crazy. I will look in to tyrosine. Thanks for trying to help me.
    • Hello Everyone, For the past few weeks, I have had a recurring nightmare that I have Celiac Disease, thhen I wake up and realize that it is true. 😆 
      It is so strange. I am still a newbie I guess. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a question about soy, apples, milk and hazlenuts.
      I am newly allergic to all of those, I hear the milk allergy will go away with the return of my villi.
      Has anyone encountered the same sort of healing with othe...