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July Update

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SO it started off and has been very rough these past few weeks.
I kept having issues finding a new car, found one much cheaper and I just have to wait 2 weeks for it.

The Food Truck, working on getting a new LLC corporation filed for the truck then I can apply for offical financing. My initial inquires for financing were ignored or denied as the new venture did not have its own LLC and a bank account yet, and lending to a individual or a different business....well just looks bad on books for that kind of money.

I had a major catering job cancel on me...so looks like I lost out on a $300-600 job I was expecting.....I had already gotten new chaffers, food pans, etc. and invested in the larger crowd also.

I got to admit, if you want a pet and you have Celiac....get a lizard. No really they require calcium, and vitamin D like us, they require a low carb high fat/protein diet with dark leafy green veggies....at least bearded dragons do. I learned so much about food relations thanks to him...like you can not feed them too much spinach or certain greens or they bind with calcium and other nutrients and how high oxilates are bad for them.......DO NOT buy them processed food as most contains gluten. Go with a whole food only diet for your bearded dragon just like you would yourself. ....well almost, they eat crickets, and roaches instead of chicken and beef, .....BUT you can treat them with a tiny bit of eggs every now and then lol...he also loves tiny bits of shrimp.

Money wise....has been such a slump unable to go to farmers markets without a car....I have had some crazy thoughts go though my mind to get money.

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