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September Update 2018

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So I am doing alright, I am getting over that exposure from last month stil....YAY random diarrhea 2-6 times a day...I am starting to wonder if by chance one of my meds changed...sorta want to try that gluten detective and see...but since the obvious exposure the other symptoms aside from the diarrhea have all stopped...it has me stumped if this just the new normal.

I am started up a new business "------ Paleo ------- ---" (censored it as the mods will not let me give names) it is the same name I intend for my food truck, I formed the LLC. I am doing catering right now, selling at farmers markets. I have some odd stipulations with the health department IE I can not cater anywhere but a church right now...has to do with the kitchen facilities and licensing.
The business is Paleo diet based, we do "Paleo Burger" Bun less burgers with a 1/4lb Angus or turkey patty between two chunks of green leaf lettuce. with add ons like guacamole, turkey bacon, vegan cheese, a secret house sauce blend, and condiments like a corn free ketchup and mustard.....those get expensive.
I plan on doing a stir fry menu with beef, broccoli and doing a Texas take with bell peppers and onions in it? trying to figure out the ratios but thinking 5lbs broccoli to 3lbs peppers and onions? Feed back welcome, will be using a blend of Coconut secret aminos and teriyaki sauce.
And a breakfast menu, thinking build a bowl, eggs, turkey bacon, shredded hash browns, maybe turkey sausage, and beef chroizo, heck can do green chili in with the eggs or hash for obrian style and this is to be later tried out in a few weeks
This week we are featuring the "Cave Man Burger" double patty version.
Food truck is a go btw, a local dealer ship will give me the 30k for sponsor ship in early 2019.

Bakery....well since we now have gluten free, cheap breads in most grocery stores people hardly come to me aside from a few dedicated customers....same with almond butters .... depressive really.

Few other life quirks, Ouros my bearded dragon...little princess there is being cranky about her food,  no longer accepting live feeders from her dish, she makes me pick them up and feed her one at a time..... but she clears a quarter cup of collard greens a meal, and loves meal worms but they are like junk food for dragons and only supposed to be fed in moderation as they can cause impactation. I find it funny we both live on high protein and deep green veggies lol.

I just invested in buying a Point Of Sale set up...fracked up part buy everything separate on ebay and pay $269....buy from companies pay $779-$1200 I came out on top there and the analytical data I get on sales is marvelous and allows people to order at the kiosk and keep inventory.

OH and I think I screwed myself on money....going to probably run out this month after getting meds and almonds....I spent some money trying to get stuff for others, being nice, and investing in my new business. Hoping karma/god helps out.


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